Advancing 2-Nov.29th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2   
Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading 2 Not Like Other Kids  #2
- Study Words/Expressions/Grammar
[P2-L12]  talked on his own: need a room of my own (own can’t be used after an article: the/an own room)
[L17] Hebrew  a member of the Semitic peoples inhabiting ancient Palestine, a Semitic language     dreidel [dreɪdl] a four-sided top (コマ) bearing the Hebrew letters                                      hieroglyphics [haɪərəglɪfɪk] a form of writing, esp as used in ancient Egypt, in which pictures or symbols are used to represent objects, concepts, or sounds  [L22] bookish teenager (bookish; fond of reading; studious), a middle-aged diplomat, and a talkative grandmother ~ a first-grader  [P3-L31] critique  a critical essay or commentary, the act of criticizing; analysis, commentary, criticism  [L33] specifications  a detailed description/assessment of requirements/dimensions/materials                [P4-L40] gifted - having exceptionally high intelligence: ~ children  - having great special talent or ability: a ~ artist  [P5-L42] hyper-intelligent  above, over, or in excess: ~-critical, ~-inflation                     [L43] fill ones time with; spend ones time on  [L45] profoundly-profound - very great; extensive, intense, extreme: ~ effect on sth - showing great knowledge/understanding; thoughtful, intelligent: ~ thought/understanding/knowledge, ~ book   [L49] Let the child’s interests be your guide                                 [P6-L61] piqued [pik] his avid interest  pique; annoy, displease                    avid; enthusiastic, passionate, keen; ~ interest, ~ for more information [P7-L64] allotted time; allocated, assigned  [L69] noteworthy; important, notable, remarkable  [P8-L73] Karl’s parents know… On the other hand, they ~ never, ever use that term  [P9-L81] it serves to set the child apart from …  serve; to be useful in achieving sth; do the work for, benefit  [L83] pigeonhole; categorize, classify, label, stereotype   [L85] isolate  set apart, separate, divide – isolation 
[P10-L89] uphill battle finding a school – let alone a circle of friends – that can contain him  - uphill battle/struggle/task  difficult to win and takes a lot of effort for a long time    - contain; include, accommodate  -let along  the first thing is NOT true/possible, the next thing cannot be true/possible either: There isn’t enough room for the family, let alone any guests.  [L102] lagged far behind  move/develop more slowly than others: ~ ones friends, ~ the competitors                 [L11-P105] coincidental pursuits [pərsut] - the act of looking for/trying to find sth: the ~ of happiness  - the act of following/chasing sb ;chase, hunt, search, quest : in ~ of sb/sth   - (~s) sth that you give your time/energy to; hobby, artistic/intellectual ~   coincidental <-incidental  happening in connection with sth else, ~ to sth; ~ expenses, the discovery was ~  [P12-L111] upbringing  the care and training of young children or a particular type of such care and training: His religious ~ fitted him to be a missionary. [L120] be stuck in   stuck (adj) unable to move/be moved, can’t escape: get ~ in the mud, ~ in the traffic, ~ at home all day   [P13-L122] just about anyone; almost, very nearly, approximately: met ~ everyone, should be here ~ now.  [L125] clutter with  fill a place with too many things  [L127] medieval galleon [gæliən] a large sailing vessel of the 15th to the 17th centuries used as a fighting or merchant ship  [L130] whirling presence of Karl himself  whirl to move/make sb/sth move around: Leaves ~ed in the wind  [P14-L134] Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) was a French sculptor, best known for designing the Statue of Liberty.  [L136] bursts into giggles  giggle (v) to laugh in a silly way  (n) a slight silly repeated laugh
- Read aloud L ~> STT
- Review the readings about child prodigies. What are important to raise a gifted child?
=> Speak your answer in 60 seconds.
Open Forum-2 C6 Social Studies  #2 Radio Program about Self-employment in the U.S.    
- Review Vocabulary and Expressions/p.49-50: benefits, job security, time-off, free-lancer, lay off, self-employed
- Preparing to Listen: Discuss Advantages and Disadvantages. Are you interested in self-employment?
- Lis-1 => Take notes in More Details=> Answer the questions
- Lis-2 => Explain who entrepreneurs are, what they do, why they are on the rise and what are the downsides in 90 seconds. Use the two people as examples if you can.
- Thinking & Speaking: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment
=> Which work style are you interested in, being an employee, specialist, or entrepreneur?
Speak your answer in 60sec.

Read and Write Unit 7 Risk: Why do people take risks?
Blog Review Writing “Does advertising help or harm us”  Check comments=> Revise
Introduction (2~3 sentences), Body-1 (3~5), Body-2 (3~5), Concluding paragraph (2~3)
   C/UC: advertisement-C, advertising-UC  so that<->, so that   advertising or advertisement
Did you state key words in Intro, TS and reworded in CS?
Preview the Unit
- Listen to the Q-classroom: risk-take a risk, risk taking, risky: riskier-riskiest/more risky-most risky
-> What kind risks have you taken before or are you willing to take to achieve something you want?
Read #1 Fear Factor: Success and Risks in Extreme Sports
- Vocabulary
- Read -> Main ideas and Details
- Reading Skill/p.119: Using referents to understand contrast-> Ex.A/p.140 -> Ex.B/p.141
=> Speak when you feel you are in the flow state in 60 seconds.


Senior 3-Nov.28th

Kikutan Day 56 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2  Lis-> Speak the Task -> Repeat by sentence=> Shadowing
- #7  Report what the visitor wants and finds in 2 sen. 1. The visitor wants to get ~ at … 2. He finds the trails on that Salas Mt. are … due to …, so he … expect a thunderstorm  I’ll have to try another time
- #22  Report the announcement in 2 sen. 1. There is ~ at ~ today. 2. Passengers ~ , which takes about..
- Blog Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. Sociology’s subject matter ranges from crime to religion, from the family to the state, from the divisions of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture, and from social stability to radical change in whole societies.
- Before Reading 1. Do you have or anyone you know has a nickname? Who calls you by this name?
- Preview: The title, subheadings, photos, chart, Intro, [Groups], and the last par.
              => Speak what this excerpt is about in one sentence.
              Titles help people identify who they are and what they do.
- Reading Comprehension: Underline/Mark the key words to look for
<- Refer to the Subheadings. Predict the meaning of unknown words; analogous, convene, ambiguous
-> Read  T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.=> Pair Check the Answers
Read & Write Unit 10  More Than a Game
- Vocabulary: virtual <-> real, outbreak-epidemic-pandemic
- Preview the Unit: Have you played a virtual game with an avatar? Did you see the movie Avatar?
- Read-1 -> Main Ideas, Details
- Read-2 => Explain the incident in 90 seconds.
- What do you think-B: 2. What can school do to prevent the spread of the flu?
              => Speak your response in 90 seconds to explain at least one specific action or measure.

Advancing 2-Nov.22nd

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2

Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading 2 Not Like Other Kids  #1
- Before Reading-3  
- Skim the text: Title, subheadings 1~5, Par.4: Experts => Describe what this article is about in one sen.
This article is to give parents of child prodigies five pieces of advice on how to deal with their extraordinary children.
- Identify what each question of Reading Comprehension is asking about.
- Read-> Reading Comprehension
5. (L90) let alone  the first thing is NOT true/possible, the next thing cannot be true/possible either: There isn’t enough room for the family, let alone any guests. Brian never even reads a newspaper, let alone a book.
- Reading Skill: Recognizing Comparison and Contrast => Review p.116-117 -> Apply
           => Speak about someone you know and you using a word of comparison and contrast with examples
- Review a Skill: Making Inferences=> Explain why Karl Sr. says, laughing tiredly(L26) in 3 sentences. 
Open Forum-2 C6 Social Studies         #1 Lecture about Working Hours in the US and Europe
- Review Listening Blog w/Transcript  -> Voc: bargain (v), benefit (n), prosper-prosperous
- Focus on the Listening Skill/p.48: Identifying Organizing Phrases - look at, describe, point out, compare
- Vocabulary/p.49-50: self-employed, freelance, time off, benefits, job security, lay off/fire
=> Speak Explain what kind of job or life style you’d like to have and why.
Read and Write Unit 6  Writing #1
- HW Blog Review writing: your response in five to eight sentences
Very well explained and written with examples: Sae, Kaede, Tatsuya  ad>ads (pl)
No one mentioned any price => Revise
- Grammar: Compound Sentences - and, or, but, so  A. -> B.
- Writing Skill  Opinion Writing: Writing a letter to the editor, composed of multiple paragraphs.
              A. Read and Mark the Margins. -> B. Organize the outline.
- Blog Plan to Write a letter to the editor/p.129. “Does advertising help or harm us”
- Read and Study the example letter “Concerns with Online Advertising”
 => Identify the supporting points
- Review Reading 1, 2=> Decide which opinion do you write about.
Introduction (2~3 sentences), Body-1 (3~5), Body-2 (3~5), Concluding paragraph (2~3)
=> Write a letter to an editor to answer the question, “Does advertising help or harm us?” in four paragraphs (10~16 sentences, 150~250 words) by Nov.26th

Interest Studying vs. Learning: Kikutan-Day 53 CD
Just as there is a big difference between hearing and listening, there is a big difference between studying and learning. Hearing is what your ears do. Listening is what your brain does.
With today’s technology, information is easy to find if you just search for it. Of course, it is important to develop your memory, but when you learn, you develop the ability to confirm and explain your knowledge and understanding.
This is also important for learning new languages. You can memorize vocabulary, but if you can’t make a sentence, you can’t communicate. Through learning, you develop your own original thoughts.
Indeed, there is a limit to how much you can remember, but there is no limit how much you can learn.
- Listen => Speak the main idea.
- Listen => Speak the difference between Hearing and Listening
- Read => Discuss the difference between Studying and Learning.

=> Speak what Learning is compared with Studying in four to five sentences.


Senior 3-Nov.24th

Kikutan Day 55 #2
[Rule 5-7]  L36 positive and inviting; attractive   L38 descriptive word describing sth in a detailed, interesting way: a ~ essay/passage <-describe  L42 frequently<- frequent happening often; common: make ~ trips/visits to, ~ traveler
L44 implicitly -implicit Corpus/p.46 -> C.
 (R-1) implicit suggested, not communicated directly; absolute, definite, contained : ~ criticism/agreement
<-> explicit clear and exact; specific, clear, definite, exact, obvious: ~ about, ~ directions
=> Activity: Speak implicitly: I don’t like your idea=>  You must do it=>  I hate math=>
L47  letters<- words   L47 administered -> Corpus/p.47
L48 reaction to    L49 associate ~ with … to connect sb/sth in your mind with sth/sb else; link, relate: Most people ~ this brand with good quality.  L53 feminine [ˈfem·ə·nən ] – masculine [ˈmæs·kjə·lɪn]
L56 translate in   L59 predict   L65 implicit-message – explicit meaning   L68 dependable
-> Read aloud Rule 6; alphabets, comma => STT
[Last 2 Par.]   L72 put forth great effort to  L73 hire  L73 specialize in 
L75 channel the names through  (Corpus/p.38 ; direct, guide)
L76 focus groups  a group of people who have been brought together to discuss a particular subject in order to solve a problem or suggest ideas   L76 drawn from   L82 only time will tell   L83 effective in
-> Read aloud Line 72-80  => STT
-> Blog Is naming important or influential when you choose a good or service to buy?
=> Speak your answer with an example in 4-5 sen. => Write

Prep Task  日大生物資源科学-2017


Senior 3-Nov.21st

Kikutan Day 55 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2  
- Blog Review the rule you think is the most effective to market a new product in 4~5 sentences.
Try using; “to do” to explain the purpose, “because” for reason, “tend to,” adverbs of frequency.
Use “a” to introduce a new sth. Introduce the rule specifically, not just the number. => Revise
- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions
[Intro]   L1 task  a piece of work to be done, especially one done regularly, unwillingly, or with difficulty; job, duty, assignment, work : take on/fulfil/perform/assign ~, challenging/time-consuming/easy/simple ~, no easy ~
L6 catchy slogan; likely to attract interest/attention, pleasing, easily remembered; addictive, memorable: ~ title  
L6 clever (-er/-est, more/most ~) quick at learning/understanding things; intelligent, bright: a ~ child/idea/plan
[Rule 1-4]   L16 invoke -> Corpus/p.45  to mention sb/a theory/example to support an opinion/ideas or as a reason; call upon, appeal to
L18 easy to pronounce -> pronunciation  L21 consultant   L21 syllables  a single unit of speech-> pro-nounce, com-fort-able, im-pos-sible  <- more/most for usually three or more syllables  
L26 tend  to be likely to happen or to have a particular characteristic or effect: We ~ to eat more in the winter. The gym ~s to get very busy in the evening. I tend not to talk about religion-> tendency: She has a ~ to work late. 
L 31 appropriate correct/right/acceptable/suitable for a particular situation/occasion: ~ clothes/test/action/time 
<->inappropriate  L32 represent  present image; show
-> Read aloud Par.4 => STT
Read & Write Unit 10  Reading 1  Flu FAQ
- Blog Review Writing Some people worry a lot about catching the flu from others, and some people are not very concerned. How concerned are you, on a scale from 1, not concerned at all, and 10, (on a scale of one to ten) extremely concerned? Write your answer in five to eight sentences.
Not explained why you are concerned on the scale mentioned. => Check the model=> Revise=> Speak
- Vocabulary/Exp  (par.1) a virus that passes  (par.2) fatigue extreme tiredness: She was suffering from ~.   exposure to virus  (par.3) respiratory [rɛspərətɔri]  runny or stuffy nose (par.4) immunity – immune to sth, ~ from prosecution  (par.6) infect-> infection-> infectious disease (par.7) result in sth  to have a particular effect/result, to make sth happen: The accident ~ed in 24 deaths.  (par.8) vaccine [væksin] vaccinate-vaccination                            
Interest The Trolley Problem=> Discuss-1 which worker you would try to save.

=> Discuss-2 If the five were senior citizens and the one was a little child, which would you try to save?


Senior 3-Nov.17th

Kikutan Day 54 #2
- Reading Skill: Scanning-> Apply A. -> B. 
- Read aloud [Intro] => STT
- Read by Rule-> Identify Main Ideas.
-> Choose one rule that you think is the most effective to market a new product.          
=> Group Explain your idea in 3-4 sen. => Discuss
=> Blog Write which rule you think is the most effective to market a new product in 4~5 sentences.
Try using; “to do” to explain the purpose, “because” for reason, “tend to,” adverbs of frequency (often, usually, not always), and words from Reading 1 and 2.

Prep Task  BS-605 Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins


Advancing 2-Nov.15th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2 

Open Forum-2 C6 Social Studies       
#1 Lecture about Working Hours in the US and Europe
- Introducing the Topic:
-> Study 1, 2, 3=> 4. Generalize the work habits in Europe and the U.S. Clarify the main points.
=> Present In general, / Generally speaking, seem …, It seems that most …, on average,
- Listen-1-> Main ideas, more details=> Correction
- Listen-2-> Take notes to summarize what the lecture is about.
=> Speak-1 a summary of the lecture in 90 seconds => Pair
Read and Write Unit 6  Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show  #2
- Read w/Q-Skill
- HW Blog Review the summary of the article including all the benefits and brief explanations/examples in 7-8 sentences by Nov. 12th pay money=> fund, finance, sponsor => Revise
- Words/Expressions-> (par.3) pledge drive  pledge (n) ;promise, guarantee, assurance  
exposure public appearance, notice, attention, mention, or discussion in the media: gain ~ for your products on TV/the Internet.
(par. 7) content [kənˈtɛnt] (adj) mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are; satisfied, agreeable, happy, willing                                                        - ~ with sth (happy/satisfied with what you have): You should be ~ with third place/your job.
- ~ to do sth (=willing to do sth): I was ~ to wait. I’m ~ to be a teacher.
(v) to make oneself/sb content or satisfied; please, satisfy, gratify: ~ oneself with property
[ˈkɒntɛnt] (pl) everything that is inside a container: the ~s of a box, 
- the subjects or topics covered in a book or document.
- What do you think-A. 1. What’s “necessary evil” ?
2. Blog Would you pay a subscription fee for a TV show, or online video/music service?
"YouTube Red," a $9.99-per-month subscription service for YouTube. The service lets you watch videos ad-free among other premium features, and it will eventually fund the production of premium, members-only video content.                                    NHK: \14,910 p.a.                    Subscription Music Services: \980/mo  
Speak your answer in 60 seconds.

HW Write your response in five to eight sentences by Nov.19


Senior 3-Nov.14th

Kikutan Day 54 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2 
- Before Reading  excerpt [ˈek·sɜrpt]  a short part taken from a speech, book, etc: ~ from
- Skim: The title, subheadings=> column, photos,
-> Intro Par. 1st sentence of each Rule and Mark the Key Word->Column, Last Par.
              => Speak the main idea of the excerpt in one sentence.  Naming is one of the most effective marketing tools and there are several aspects to be considered to choose one.
- Reading Comprehension: Underline/Mark the key words to look for.
-> Read  T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.=> Pair Check the Answers
Read & Write Unit 10  Reading 1  Flu FAQ
- Listen to Q-Classroom => [A] What are some things you do to avoid getting sick? => Pair
- [C, D] Match the names of illness: communicable/infectious disease
              diabetes [daɪəbitɪs]                         malaria [məlɛəriə]                           asthma [æzmə]                  tuberculosis [tʊbɜrkyəloʊsɪs]
Reading 1: Flu FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- Vocabulary: epidemic, symptom, infect-infection-infectious (=communicable), virus
- Read-> Main Ideas, Details [A] Venn Diagram
Blog A Venn diagram


Senior 3-Nov.10th

Kikutan Day 53 #2

- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions #2
[Selecting, Advertising]  L31 call for; demand, ask for, need, require: ~ a celebration/investigation, ~ ones resignation L32 different marketing techniques   L33 reliable; trustworthy, dependable, honest, respectable   L 36 marketing campaign: election ~ 
L37 suppose   to think that sth is likely to be true; think, assume, guess: I suppose it’s six months since … 
-> be supposed to: Her new book is supposed to be (= generally people think it is) very good
(conj); what if: S~ we miss the train what …
L37 innovative -> Corpus/p.39 -> renovate/renovation -> E.
L46 explicit clear and exact; specific, clear, definite, exact, obvious: ~ about, ~ directions <-> implicit  suggested but not communicated directly; absolute, definite, contained, unspoken  : ~ criticism/agreement 
L47 imply to communicate an idea or feeling without saying it directly: hint, mean, suggest: ~ criticism, ~ that
L52 publish -> Corpus/p.41 -> publication: the latest ~, the ~ date
L54 invoke the authority  to use/mention a person/law/example to support or reason for sth/doing; call upon, enforce: ~ the law to appeal/enforce  L56 emphasize - to show that something is very important; stress, underscore, give priority to : ~ the necessity/importance/urgency -> emphasis: put ~ on
-> Read aloud Par.7,8 => STT
[Others] L62  domestic sales  L63 export <-> import-> Corpus/p.40 -> G.   L.66 response <- respond   L.67 be placed/put on
- Reading Skill: Scanning-> Apply
- Vocabulary Activity A.-> B. => STT

Prep Task  BA-716 The nation that hates to be late


Advancing 2-Nov.8th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2   

Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading-1  Child Prodigies
- Interest Blog Reference Reading (BBC)  Dos and don’ts to preserve your brain power
Don’t… lose faith in your abilities: It’ll/You’ll/You could/When …
=> Speak to explain one of Dos or Don’ts in 60 sec.

Open Forum-2 Chapter 5 
- Blog Lis-3 with Transcript-> Study words/expressions
breed-bred, mate, capture-in captivity, wingspan-> span, beak,
Apprenticeship<-apprentice: a young person who works for an employer for a period of time to learn particular skills
- Pronunciation: Verb Ending
- Speaking Skills: Asking for Further Information
- Speaking Practice: Group Discussion based on the proposals by the group members.
Read and Write Unit 6  Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show #3
- Review HW Blog the summary of the article from a new magazine in 80 words/4-5 sentences
Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show #1
- Vocabulary: broadcast-broadcasting, Dic annual-annually-p.a.
- Listen-> Main Ideas-> Organize what the article is saying
=> Speak the main idea of the article in 3-4 sentences.
- Read-> Details
=> Identify the MI of each paragraph, supporting points and examples for the benefits of advertising.

=>HW Blog Write a summary of the article including all the benefits and brief explanations/examples in 7-8 sentences by Nov. 12th.