Senior 3-Sep.29th

Kikutan Day 47 #2

Inside Reading-1  Unit 1  Reading 2  Segway into the Future #4
- Read aloud-> Voca-A to review words => Sect.    STT
Blog Glenn Curtiss, 1878-1930, was an American aviation and motorcycling pioneer, and a founder of the U.S. aircraft industry. He began his career as a bicycle racer and builder before moving on to motorcycles. As early as 1904, he began to manufacture engines for airships. In 1908, Curtiss joined the Aerial Experiment Association, a pioneering research group, to build flying machines. Curtiss made the first officially witnessed flight in North America, won a race at the world's first international air meet in France, and made the first long-distance flight in the US.
-> Corpus/p.13  analogy a comparison between things that have similar features: an ~ between A and B.

Prep Task  BA-381 Woman wins appeal to use dead daughter's eggs   

-> Interest Blog Reading Skills - Extra Task: Monkey Math                  


Senior 3-Sep.26th

Kikutan Day 47 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-1  
Inside Reading-1  Unit 1          Reading 2  Segway into the Future #3
- Blog Review the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences.
- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions    Sect.   => STT
[Intro]   L1 individual   L8 compare to/with [vi] to be similar to sb/sth else: This house doesn’t ~ to the previous one (not as good).
[What is a Segway? ]L11 platform, L13 framework-> Corpus/p.14-> D.   L13 post  L14 attached  L15 rubber  L20 steering mechanism; steering wheel
[How a Segway moves]  L23 leans the body  L23 slightly forward, ~ backward  L29 respond to->response
[How a bicycle moves]  L30 in contrast   an obvious difference between two or more things: She is quite petite, in contrast with her tall sister.   L33 alter-> Corpus/p.14  to change a characteristic, often slightly, or to cause this to happen: The coat was too long, so I took it back to the store to have it altered.   L35 subsequently; afterward, after, finally    L39 Tour de France  is an annual men's 21-stage bicycle race primarily held in France over a little more than three weeks.  L40 miles per hour-> mph  L44 one battery charge  L45 no faster than   L49 pay a fee    [Chart] range
[How segways are used]   L54 individuals-> Corpus/p.15-> F.  Replace the word(s)   L58 pharmacies-pharmacy  L58 substitute Segways for trucks
[Why segways are not used more]  L65 one reason->another-> a primary reason  L69 passed laws   L68 meanwhile; at the same time, meantime, till  L74 encourage people to …  L76 hardworking vehicles <= Why?

Read & Write Unit Reading 1: Cultural Differences in Counting, a science report
- Blog Write the main ideas of the science report in two or three sentences.
Dic assume  to think/accept sth is true w/o proof, accept, expect: ~ing I pass the exam, It is ~d that …        To take/begin to have responsibility, power, quality or appearance, accept, take on/over: ~ responsibility/control
-> presume  to suppose sth is true w/o proof, guess, infer : I ~ so, It’s ~d that he died young.
            to accept sth is true until it is proved; consider, make assumption : ~d dead, ~ innocent
Dic -extend  to draw out or be drawn out; stretch, to last for a certain time: his schooling extended for three years, to reach a certain point in time or distance: the land extends five miles,                          extended family
- extent  the range over which something extends; scope, degree, range, length: the extent of the damage
an area or volume: a vast extent of concrete                  -> to some extent 
                     - extension  the act of extending or the condition of being extended, expansion: ~ of new technology, ~ of power
- Reading Skill: Making inferences
  Dic infer  to reach an opinion or decide sth is true based on the information available; deduce, conclude, guess
-> [A] -> [B] -> [C] => Pair to check the answers=> Monkey Math on Sep.28th


Senior 3-Sep.22nd

Eiken Lis-Pre 2nd 2016-3 
Speak to Learn C27 Past tense
- Blog Revise the writing
- Pair/Group Speak 5 sen about an event/incident you enjoyed, encountered, or experienced.
Choose the subject of the sentences carefully. Avoid saying “I” repeatedly.
=> Q&A for a minute=> Blog Report the event/incident you heard in 3~4 sentences

Inside Reading Unit 1 Reading 2  Segway into the Future #2
- Read aloud: “How a Segway moves?” => STT
- Read by Section: Question Words-> Identify MI => Speak the MI => STT
              => Blog Write the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences.
Read & Write Unit 1  Reading 2: A Song Becomes a Hit #1
- Vocabulary: make up (V-Phrase) - (of parts) to constitute; compose; form  - to put together; construct; compile.  make up for. to compensate for; make good.  - to apply cosmetics.  - Education. to take an examination that one had been unable to take when first given, usually because of absence.
 quality – character, nature, grade; value, condition: the quality of a sound. food of poor~  -a personality or character trait; character, nature: kindness is one of her many good qualities.
- Skim the Text: Par-1, 8, first sentences of the other pars. => Speak Main Idea in 1 sen.
- Read the text=> Speak Main Idea in 3 sen, including why (= Salganik’s thoughts)
Next=> - Listen and Read=> Read aloud Par.2 STT
=> Explain how the research was conducted in 3 sen.


Advancing 2-Sep.20th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-1  

Inside Reading-3 Unit 7  Reading 2  Out-of-Body Experience? – Your Brain is to Blame
- Before You Read: 2. Out-of-body experience <= What is it?
- Skim-> Check the title, the first and last paragraphs
[Illustration/p.105] angular gyrus [ˈdʒaɪ.rəs] (pl) gyri  a region of the brain involved in a number of processes related to language, number processing, spatial cognition, memory retrieval, attention, and theory of mind.
=> Pair Interpret the title: Your brain is to blame
- Read-1-> Mark the key words/phrases/events 
L20 epilepsy [ˈepəlepsi] disorder of the nerve system that causes a person to suddenly become unconscious, violent (癲癇)
=> Write the main idea of the text in one sentence. <= under p.108
-> Reading Comprehension: Correct the false statements. Note the line number of the info.

- Introducing the Topic: Pair Talk about the interest in art, favorite art works and artist.
- Preparing to Listen: Match the definition
- Listening-1-> Main Ideas, Details
- Listening-2 => Explain what Aboriginal art is like, including the following points;
  [1] Why the Aboriginal culture is so unique?          [2] What “The Dream Time” is.
  [3] Explain the practical side of some of the Aboriginal painting.
  [4] Why traditional paintings were temporary?
=> Speak your answer to this question by a student from Australia;
“What do you think about Aboriginal Art?” Express your Opinion with respect and consideration.

Read and Write Unit 5  Reading-2  The Biology of Altruism
- Vocabulary/Pronunciation: Dic altruism [ˈæltruɪzəm] the principle/practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others ; unselfish concern, kindness
-> altruistic [æltruˈɪstɪk] unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others; unselfish, humanitarian, philanthropic ó egoistic, selfish                           
philanthropy [fɪlænθrəpi]  philanthropist [fɪlænθrəpɪst]
hypothesis [haɪˈpɒθəsɪs] a suggested explanation for a group of facts or phenomena, an assumption used in an argument without its being endorsed; assumption, premise, proposition: to formulate/confirm a ~, a ~ about …  -> hypothesize
- Preview Reading: Why do you think people want to help strangers?
- Read-> Main Ideas, Details => Blog Write the main ideas of the article in 4~5 sentences/80 words
Write 5~8 sentences in response including an example or two.

Senior 3-Sep.19th

Eiken Lis-Pre 2nd 2016-3
Interest puffins swim and fly (1:55, 0:18)

Speak to Learn C27 Past tense
- Pair/Group Speak 5 sen about an event/incident you enjoyed, encountered, or experienced.
Choose the subject of the sentences carefully. Avoid saying “I” repeatedly.
=> Q&A for a minute=> Blog Write about the event/incident in 3~4 sentences

- Reading Skill: Preview the text: title, subheadings, images, captions-> Apply-3
- Reading Comprehension: Underline/Mark the key words to look for.
-> Read  T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.=> Pair Check the Answers
- Read aloud: “What is a Segway?” => STT
- How Segway Works (2:45<-4:05)

Read & Write Unit 1 Trend: Why does something become popular?
- Read aloud Par.3,4=> Read aloud Par.4 => STT
-> stay connected, allow people to do, share photos/interests, post a link/video, comment on
interactive <interact  to act on or in close relation with each other; communicate, connect-> interaction,
- Read aloud Par.5
-> contribute  to give (support, money) for a common purpose or fund, to supply (ideas, opinions) as part of a debate or discussion; give, devote, donate, provide grant - contribution  express-expression
=> What do you think?-2  #2 Blog Write your answer in four to six sentences
Do you think that social networking sites are a good way to communicate with friends?

Interest - Blog Review Wiki: Tour de France 


Senior 3-Sep.15th

Kikutan Day 45 #2

Inside Reading-1  Unit 1  Reading-1  Riding through History
-> Voca-A to review words
-> Interest    Video: Tour de France 2018 Teaser (1:22)               
[What] The Tour de France is a men’s bicycle race (that has been) held annually since 1903.
[Place] There are 21 stages in the race to ride about 3,500 kilometers around France over 23 days period, including the Alps and Pyrenees mountains.
[Competition] The timed race is competed by 20-22 teams, each has eight riders, in each segment and the total tour.

Prep Task  BS-413 Google DeepMind: AI becomes more alien


Advancing 2-Sep.13th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-1   

Inside Reading-3 Unit 7 Neuroscience  Reading-1  Mind Wide Open
- Check HW: Study Words/Expressions/Grammar
[P1-L2]  inscape  the essential inner nature of a person, an object-> landscape  [L3] MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan utilizes a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body.  PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan uses radiation, or nuclear medicine imaging, to produce 3D color images of the functional processes within the human body.  [L5] apparatus  [æpəˈrætəs/ˈreɪtəs] a group/combination of instruments, tools, materials for a particular function; equipment; fire-fighting ~  - systematic organization of activities, functions, processes for a specific goal; organization, system; digestive ~, government ~
[P2-L14] adrenaline [əˈdrɛnəlɪn] a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure, and raises the blood levels of glucose and lipids. [L15] a spike of  an abrupt increase or rise; surge                 [L17] subroutine    a section of a computer program that is stored only once but can be used when required at several different points in the program
[L17] on any given day, at any given moment -> in any given place  [P3-L21] contributing editor  a writer who regularly contributes articles to newspaper, magazine or online articles, but does not actually edit articles. Often a freelancer.   [L25] ant heaps  a group of things placed, thrown, or lying one on another; pile; a heap of stones/people  [L27] sphere  - a three-dimensional closed surface such that every point on the surface is equidistant from the center  - particular field of activity; environment: that's out of my~  - globe
[P4-L34] module  a self-contained unit or item which itself performs a defined task and can be linked with other such units to form a larger system, spacecraft module   [P6-L38] take for granted; accept, believe, assume, presume [L42] by instinct  - an inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli: maternal ~  - a powerful motivation or impulse: ~ shopping/purchase  - altruistic instincts in social animals.  - an innate capability or aptitude: an ~ for diplomacy
[L44] devise to invent sth new or a new way to do sth; create, come up with, design; to ~ a method
Dic[L46] distinctive; different, unique, original, special; ~ style/color/look -> distinct; apparent, obvious, specific; ~ smell/music/color  -> distinguish  recognize the difference between two; differentiate, divide, identify; ~ between A and B, ~ A from B   [L49] an instant gut reaction  [P7-L55] amygdala  an almond-shaped part of brain that performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions  [L58] decode  to convert an encoded message, text, digital data into ordinary language/sound/image; ~ encrypted message/password <-> encode  [L60] dimmer<- dim (adj) not clear because lack of light; to ~ read  (v) make/become dim  [P8-L62] traumatic [trəˈmæt ɪk]; frightening/frightful <- trauma [trou-muh/AmE, traw-]  a powerful shock that may have long-lasting effects  [L62] trigger ; cause to happen; bring about, generate, set off 
[L69] oxytocin [ɒksɪˈtoʊsən] a hormone that stimulates contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus
 serotonin [sɛr əˈtoʊnɪn] a neurotransmitter involved in sleep, depression, memory, and other neurological processes.
 dopamine [doʊ pəˌmin] a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system to help regulate movement and emotion.
cortisol [ˈkɔrtəsɔl] one of several steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex and resembling cortisone
[L69] sojourn [ˈsoʊdʒɜrn] a temporary stay; layover, brief travel, stayover: during his ~ in Paris.
 [P9-L75] preoccupations<- preoccupy  to occupy beforehand or before others: Thoughts of failure ~ied me. He was too ~ied with his own thoughts. [P10-L84] brings it all alive [L85] sanest <-sane  mentally sound, sensible, reasonable ->sanity, insane  [P11-L88] instructive: informative, enlightening, useful
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level
- A. Match the definitions -> Dic attach  => Pair Q&A 1~6
           - to fasten/join one thing to another; ~ sth (to sth)
                   - to believe sth is important/worth/valuable; ~ importance/significance/value; attribute, allocate
- B. Identify the part of speech-> Find the synonymous
              Dic adhere - to stick firmly to sth; attach, unite; - follow rules; comply, obey, observe;
              Dic conspicuous easy to see/notice; obvious, apparent, distinct, evident <-> inconspicuous
              Dic[L46] distinctive; different, unique, original, special; ~ style/color/look -> distinct; apparent, obvious, specific;                    ~ smell/music/color  -> distinguish  recognize the difference between two; differentiate, divide, identify; ~ between A and B, ~ A from B  -> distinguished; successful, noble, respectable: ~ speaker/guest, ~ family 
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
Dic obvious – easy to see/understand; It was ~ to everyone that …, ~ reason/annoyance/distress, so ~
              -> obviously; certainly, unmistakably, apparently, clearly, definitely; Obviously, …, ~ important
- C. Make a sentence using “Obviously, …” and “it is obvious that …”  => Pair
Dic insight [ˈɪnsaɪt]– ability to see and understand the truth about people/situations; judgement, understanding; of great ~  -> insightful              - understanding of what sth is like; the book gives us ~ into …,
Blog Extra Learning    Dos and don’ts to preserve your brain power

Open Forum-2 Chapter 3  #2 Interview with a food scientist about changes in eating habit
- Blog - Listening with Transcript
-> Vocabulary: take it for granted, appetite-appetizer, imply-implication, striking, to some extent
- Pronunciation: Intonation with Questions
- Speaking Skills: Hesitating and Taking Time to Think
- Speaking Practice: Food and Eating Questionnaire
<= Intonation with Questions, Taking time to answer, Elaborate the answer, Echo/Repeat Questions
<= Follow up questions, Mix w-questions and yes/no questions
3: Is there one food that you eat every day? -> If so, what is it?
             => If you are to choose one food or dish to eat every day, what will you choose? How will you eat it?
4: Do you prefer eating out or eating at home? -> What’s your favorite dish/menu/place?
=> Speak your prediction for the change in eating habits in the next ten years especially when;
- the share of the senior citizens become even larger
- the number of children become fewer
- the size of family continue to become smaller
- the percentage of female workers increase.

Read and Write Unit 5  Reading-1  A Question of Numbers
- Review Blog What do you think-2  five to eight sentences to respond the question:
In general, which people do you think are more helpful to strangers in need: people who live in cities or people who live in small towns? Why?
- Q-classroom Read w/Audio Par.1-> Shadowing Par.1-> Read w/Audio Par.2-4-> Shadowing Par.5,6
- Read for Vocabulary/Expressions: (par.1) (more/most/less/least) likely ~/to do   complex  composed of many interconnected parts, complicated; ~ highway system, machinery  apply  to make use of; ~ a theory to a problem,  to put to use for a particular purpose; ~ pressure to open a door,  to make an application or request; ask: ~ for a job/raise  end up  to find yourself in a situation you didn’t intend/expect to be in; ~ in prison/-ing/dead 

Interest  Blog Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?


Senior 3-Sep.12th

Kikutan Day 45 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-1  
Read & Write Unit 8 Writing: Write a Narrative
- Review Blog the narrative about a special event/incident you attended/took part in/were involved in two paragraphs, one to introduce the event/incident and the other to describe it. Try using connotations.

Inside Reading-1  Unit 1  Reading-1  Riding through History
( Review the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences=> Speak the MI => STT )
- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions  => Read aloud Par.  STT
Early Bicycles   L12 velocipede [vɪˈlɒsɪpiːd]          L14. solid steel tube
Some Changes are Made         L23 hollow steel tube  L24. alteration-> Dic alter [ˈɔl·tər]  to change a characteristic, often slightly, or to cause this to happen: The coat was too long, so I took it back to the store to have it altered.
The High Wheeler  L28 Subsequent -> Vaca-F ; after, following, next  L34 Reasoned  L37 primary-> Corpus/p.6  
L42 inherent-> Corpus/p.6 ; basic, natural, fundamental, built-in  -> Vaca-C
A Safer Bicycle  L44 Manufacturer  L45 Substituted-> Corpus/p.8 : there's no substitute for visiting them yourself.
L52. minimize-> Voca-B <-> maximize  L52. inherent
                   => Explain the mechanism (L49~51)
The Modern Bicycle in Born  L57 subsequent   L60 revolutionized -> Corpus/p.7

=> Int Best of - Onboard camera - Tour de France 2018  (2:32)


Senior 3-Sep.8th

Kikutan Day 44 #2
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-1 
Inside Reading-1  Unit 1  Reading-1  Riding through History 
- Read by Section-> Identify MI => Speak the MI => STT 
=> Blog Write the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences. 
1. Velocipedes were created in the early 1800s in Scotland and were used just as toys.
2, 3, 4. Even though various improvements were made over time, velocipedes were hard to ride because they were still hard and impractical to use. (French inventor added pedals, American manufactures built with hollow steel tubes to make them lighter, British engineers made the front wheel larger, American engineers redesigned the pedaling mechanism)
5. With the final design changes around 1900, modern bicycle was created and became a popular vehicle to anyone. 
Prep Task  BA-299 Jane Goodall's mission to save humans as well as chimps