Advancing 2-Apr.28th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2017-1 
Read and Write Unit 1  Writing 
Review Writing Blog Organize, Develop and Write a “how to” paragraph
Interest: Blog Gender Pay-gap   
=> What would you do if you found your male coworker is paid more than you are for the same job as you do? => Speak your answer in 60 seconds. 
=> Write your answer in five sentences. 


Advancing 2-Apr.25th

Eiken Lis-2Q  2017-1
Inside Reading Unit 5  Reading-2  Freeze Frames – Stopping Time
- Before You Read-1. Blog What are the differences among walking, race walking and running? 
=> Study the structure-> Group the paragraphs and identify the topic of each chunk.
  Par.1: Introduction of the text: Muybridge’s sequential motion pictures, Edgerton’s strobe light.
  Par.2: Intro of Topic 1 Par.3: Muybridge’s photo shooting technique
-> Par.4-5: Further usage of the technique
->Par.6: Conclusion of Topic 1 to Topic 2
  Par.7-8: Introduction of Strobescope, Par.9-10: Edgerton’s invention
-> Par.11-13: Further usage of the invention 
-> Par.14: Contribution of strobe work
- Read-1-> Reading Skill 
=> Apply-1  Identify and Write two main topics in the textbook=> Pair Compare-> Read and Revise
Sequential fast-motion photography in invented by Muybridge
Strobe light invented by Edgerton
=> Apply-2  Check the photos and captions and study the link to the main ideas.
=> Apply-3 Blog  Combine the main ideas and images=> Write a summary in two or three sentences.
The photo shooting technique engineered by Eadweard Muybridge was used not only to study an object in fast motion but also to create motion pictures.
The strobe technology invented by Harold Edgerton made it possible to show a fast-moving object frozen in a photo and has been used in various fields such as medical, science, sports and art.
Open Forum Chapter 11  #2 A lecture about human computers/
- 3rd Lis w/Script-> Voca and Expressions: - must have needed  - by chance
- 5. Pronunciation: The –ed Ending
- 6. Speaking Skills (A: Toby, B: Monica) for Expressions to give opinions and respond to opinions.
=> Task-1  Life without a smartphone
If there were no smartphones, how would you do or enjoy the things you are doing with your smartphone? Explain in 90 seconds with examples.
=> Task-2  Express opinions:
Interest Burger Flipping Robot
=> Speak Which burger would you prefer, human made or robot flipped?


Advancing 2-Apr.21st

Eiken Lis-2Q 2017-1 
Read and Write Unit 1  Writing 
- Writing Skill-Part 1: Developing a Paragraph-A, B, C
- Writing Skill-Part 2: Organizing and Developing a Paragraph-> Complete the Outline
- Blog What’s the difference between a paragraph and an essay?
A paragraph should be centered on one idea only, and is generally much shorter than an essay, which usually consists of several paragraphs. 
In an essay, you could explore many ideas while talking about one general topic. In a paragraph you would write about only one topic, because paragraphs are shorter, and if you change topics, you would start a new paragraph... part of the nature of the concept. 
Writing Task Organize, Develop and Write a “how to” paragraph
Interest Graveyard of Fireflies-Wiki  IMDb 


Advancing 2-Apr.18th

Eiken Lis-2Q  2017-1
Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  The Dartfish Olympics
- Review Reading and Vocabulary: Read aloud [1] Last Par. [2] L.34~
- Vocabulary Activities-Word Level
A. Dic obtain: (formal) to get sth with effort; ~ advice/information/permission, ~ a copy; get, acquire, earn, gain
A. appreciate Dic (vt) - be grateful for sth; ~ your help, ~ it if you could … - recognize worth; value highly, respect, regard, honor  - increase in worth: gain, improve; recognize the quality/value; ~ art/literature/talent
(vi) increase in value over time <-> depreciate – depreciation 
-> B. appreciate -> C. value Pair 
=> Speak What do you appreciate the most? Speak your response in 60 sec.
Open Forum Chapter 11  #2 A lecture about human computers/
- 1st Lis-thru.: Main Ideas, More Details-1 
- 2nd Listening 
=> Explain how the lecturer answered the student question with three examples he used in 90 sec;
Interest BA-546 UK faces build-up of plastic waste  => Check AK  Blog


Advancing 2-Apr.14th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2017-1 
- #5 
- #20
Read and Write Unit 1  Reading #2 Job Interviews 101 
- Read with Q-Classroom 
- Blog report six to eight sentences in response: What are your strength and weakness?
- Grammar: Real Conditionals; present and future-> A. B. C. => Pair
=> Pair Ask one present and one future real conditional question using if and when=> 4 questions
- If you’re too tired to do your homework, what do you usually do?
- If you don’t smile when you meet someone for the first time, what the person will think of you?
- If you are asked to explain what your greatest strength is, how will you answer?
- When you boil an egg for 10 minutes, you get a hard-boiled egg.
- When it rains, buses are more crowded than usual. 
- When you tell a lie to your parent, he or she will probably know that you’re lying.
Interest How chatbots could replace your HR department 
chatbot: a computer program designed to have a conversation with a human being, especially over the internet
=> Speak Which do you feel easier to report a harassment incident to HR department, a person or chatbot? 


Advancing 2-Apr.11th

Eiken Lis-2Q  2017-1
- #4   
- #19 
Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  The Dartfish Olympics, BBC Sport Uses Stromotion Technique
- Read Part-1, 2-> Reading Comprehension  Note the line numbers where the answers are written.
- Study Words/Expressions/Grammar-1: Part-1 The Dartfish Olympics
(L4) fluid (adj) adaptable, flexible, smooth, shifting, changing rapidly; ~ movements/design/music (n/adj) liquid  (L10) display (v) ; show, exhibit, demonstrate, present  (L10) footage  a motion-picture scene or scenes: newsreel ~, jungle ~  (L11) Dic sequence (n) a set of events/actions/numbers in a successive order; in alphabetical ~, ~ of events, in/out of ~ -> sequential; ~ data processing, -> sequel <-> prequel  (L13) pole vault (jump)   (L17) “I used it until smoke came out of the machine.”  (L24) burned onto a CD 
(L42) this => (L39~41) It reminds me of ~ real-world sports. (L47) demerit<-> merit (L51) Dic plunge (v) throw (sth, oneself); drop, throw, : they ~d into the sea  - to descend very suddenly or steeply; dive, sink, descend : ~ 100 meters, stock market ~d. (n) ~ in profit  (L57) this <= Par.7, 8  (L63) envision: predict, foresee, anticipate, visualize  (L66) stream: to transfer or transmit data in a steady and continuous stream: ~ing video/music 
- Part-2 BBC Sport Uses StroMotion Technique
(L5) stunning; extremely attractive/beautiful: ~ woman, look ~ing, extremely surprising; ~ defeat, loss
- Dic stun : to deprive of consciousness/strength by or as if by a blow; The blow ~ him, to astonish; astound; amaze; ~ned the audience, I was ~ned, sth ~ned me. ~ gun, 
(L10~ 13) such as the line of ~ unfold before ~ frame-by-frame sequence.  -> unfold ; spread, reveal, develop: ~ your arms. <- fold; bend, curl, enclose, wrap; ~ed or hung  -fold  multiple: ten~/three~,   (L14) stroboscope 
(L14) Dic a means: the medium/method/instrument used to obtain a result: a means of communication 
(L16) static image: motionless, fixed <-> dynamic: changing, active  (L17) trajectory: course, path  
(L23) Dic maneuver [nu:] - a movement performed with care/skill, movement, action; a complicated/skillful ~
 - a clear plan/action/movement to take an advantage, tactic, tric; political/diplomatic ~  
(L24) inclination <-incline Dic tend to think/behave in a particular way, tend toward; ~ to think/view  - lean in a particular direction, bend, lean <-> decline, recline 
(L27) applied to Dic apply - to make a formal request; ~ for a job/passport, ~ to a company/college  - to use; ~ sanction/pressure/technology  - to put on; ~ paint/cream (L27) gravity-extreme sports  (L34) patent protected  (L41) terrain: landscape, territory; mountainous ~  (L53) visualize  
(L58) tiny flaws made ~ off the medal stand -> Dic flaw [flo:] mistake, a crack/fault in sth; a fatal/fundamental/tiny ~ <-> flawless
Open Forum Chapter 11 #1 Radio Program about the Fibonacci Sequence
- Lis #3 w/Script -> Vocabulary 
- pinecone, seashell, knuckle  - spiral  
- It’s a series of numbers, and in the sequence, each number is the sum of the preceding two numbers.
- coincident  happening at the same time; simultaneous, synchronous  
-> coincidence: It was just (a) ~ . By (sheer) ~, …  <= happen to be/do at the same time
-> coincide to take place at the same time: The centers of concentric circles coincide. Our vacations coincided.
- intrigue [ɪnˈtri:g]  to make sb very interested; attract, delight, please : The idea ~d him. You’ve ~d me. 
(n) [ɪnˈtrig/ˈɪn trig] political ~   -> intriguing; interesting, alluring, appealing, exciting
- precede to go/come/happen before sth/sb in order; go ahead of: The resignation was ~ed by speculation.
 <-> succeed
-> preceding: the years ~ the war, See the ~ chapter <-> succeeding
-> precedent [prɛsɪdənt] an example/instance used to justify later similar occurrences ; example, model, standard.: set/establish a new ~ 
->precedence the act of preceding or the condition of being precedent; priority: take ~ over the needs, in order of ~  
- decimal  based on tens/tenth: ~ point (小数点 ./US ,/UK)  ~ scale/system(10進法) ~ fraction(小数) 
- all the better  used for saying that if something is true or possible, it will be even nicer; better, improved:
 It’ll be so nice to see Ruth again, and if she can bring the children along, all the better. (ますます結構)
- Vocabulary-1, 2, 3  Adjectives with –ing and –ed Endings 
 fascinate, bore, confuse, exhaust, interest, intrigue, surprise, tire
=> Task Speak with the adjective with –ing and –ed ending, and the verb in 90 seconds.
1. Explain the school subject the most interesting/intriguing to you in 90 seconds.
2. Talk about an event/incident you were really surprised/excited about in 90 seconds.
=> Speak how important you think math is for everyday life in 60 sec. with an example


Advancing 2-Apr.7th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2017-1 
- #3  
- #18  
Read and Write Unit 1  Reading #1 How to Make a Strong First Impression
- Read with Q-Classroom 
Reading #2 Job Interviews 101 
101: In American university course numbering systems, the number “101” is often used for an introductory course at a beginner's level. It has been extended to mean an introductory level of learning or a collection of introductory materials to a topic.; - Financing 101, Classical Music 101, Cooking 101, Drawing 101, Yoga 101
- Vocabulary: exaggerate [ɪgzædʒəreɪt]; overstate, inflate, overemphasize   slang
- Listen Q-Classroom Take notes in the T-chart/p.13 -> Details: correct false statements
- Read-> Add/Correct the note, Check Details
=> Explain the main idea and some of the tips in 90 sec. 
Interest What a job interview is like.
Interview (5:53)

How to Answer Classic Job Interview Questions (4:07)
=> Interview What do you consider your greatest strength? What do you consider your biggest weakness? =>Blog Report the interview in five sentences.


Advancing 2-Apr.4th

Eiken Lis-2Q  2017-1
- #2   
- #17
Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  The Dartfish Olympics, BBC Sport Uses Stromotion Technique
Reading Skill: Summarizing a Text Using Nontext Elements
Before You Read-3. Pair Have you ever seen video of your performance? Was it helpful? 
- Preview: Check the titles, photos and captions. 
-> strobe [stroʊb] (n) a bright light that flashes rapidly on and off.
-> simul [sɪməl]<- Dic simultaneous (adj) occurring, existing, or operating at the same time; concurrent
- Reading Skill: Summarizing a Text Using Nontext Elements (pictures, figures: tables, charts, graphs)
- Read Part-1: The Dartfish Olympics-> Mark the Subject/Topic and main idea of each paragraph
=> Apply-1. Identify and Write two main ideas in two sentences=> Pair Compare-> Revise
StroMotion is a photo software (made by a Swiss company Dartfish) that shows an athlete’s move by motion, which allows athletes to analyze their moves to improve their performance.
It is also used to judge the performance and result of games and competitions.
- Read Part-2: BBC Sport Uses StroMotion Technique -> Mark the Subject/Topic, main idea of each par.
=> Apply-2  Identify and Write two main ideas in two sentences => Pair Compare-> Revise
StroMotion enhances the image of sports games and competitions, so that the viewers can enjoy the moves and performance of the sports event more excitedly.
SimulCam is another exclusive video application by Dartfish that simultaneously shows two competitors in different places and time in one screen as if they were competing together.
-> Apply-3  Check the photos and review the text to think what the main ideas.
=> Apply-4  Combine the main ideas and Write a summary in two sentences => Pair Compare
StroMotion is a photo software that enhances the image of sports games and competitions.
It not only helps athletes improve their performance by the precise images but also entertains the viewers of the sports events more lively.
Open Forum Chapter 11 #1 Radio Program about the Fibonacci Sequence
- Preparing to Listen: Try to figure out what the pattern is! 
- sequence [sikwəns] - the following of one thing after another; succession. - order of succession: a list of books in alphabetical ~  - a continuous or connected series  - something that follows; a subsequent event; result; consequence. -> sequent, sequential
- petal [pɛtl] any of the separate parts of the corolla of a flower: often brightly colored
- Lis #1-> [C] Examples and [D] More Details -> [B] Main Ideas
- Lis #2 => Explain What the sequence is and how it appears in the natural world and art in 90 sec.