Senior 3-Dec.22nd

Kikutan Day 59 #2
[Uniforms, Last]   L63 identify the occupation  L65 cabin stewards   L68 serves two important purposes  - be useful, meet the needs or requirements, satisfy.   L69 differentiate A from B-> differentiation
L74 in the context of -> Corpus/p.62 ; background, situation
L75 military personnel  the people working in an organization or for a particular type of employer: ~ is/are
L79 index -> Corpus/p.62
L86 respect the conventional symbolism ; common, ordinary, regular, traditional
-> Read aloud  => STT
Review Reading-2-> Review words/expressions
Review Reading-1-> Review words/expressions
=> Dic identity who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others:  the ~ of a person/the source. Give a new ~. -> identify -> identification-> ID

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Advancing 2-Dec.20th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2   

Inside Reading-3

Open Forum-2 C7 Language & Communication   #1 Lecture about other languages in the U.S. #2
- Blog Listen with Transcript -> Study words/expressions
dominant  1.having primary control, authority, or influence; governing, ruling
2. predominant or primary: the dominant topic of the day                 -> predominant, dominance
=> Speak the main ideas of the lecture in 90 seconds including the examples
- Focus on Listening Skill: Intensive Listening for Numbers
- Vocabulary: Expressions for Approximations w/Numbers - approximately, around, something like, just a little
=> Explain your school, city, country or any stats using numbers and the approximations in 60 sec.
=> Speak what you think is important for the future of you, your country or the people in the world when the world population reaches 10 billion in 2015.

Read and Write Unit 7 Reading #2  The Climb of My Life
- Vocabulary Skill 
Blog What do you think A.1/p.146: Kelly talks about her challenges in paragraph 2 saying, “Of the two, of course, I’d rather the mountain be my physical challenge than physical challenges be my ‘mountain.’”
=> Explain what her comment means in 60 sec. Make sure to clarify what ‘the two’ means.

Kelly had two physical challenges then, one was to climb a mountain after a heart transplant and the other was to recover from the transplant and she wanted to set climbing a mountain as her ultimate challenge to overcome rather than to set coping with those physical challenges as her goal.
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Senior 3-Dec.19th

Kikutan Day 59 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2 
Inside Reading-1 Unit 4  Reading-2  Symbolic Clothing #3
- Blog Review the main ideas of the article in three sentences.  Try NOT to use the phrases from the text. Try to paraphrase and use the word family of the words/expressions
- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions
[Intro]   L2 sheikh [ʃeɪk /ʃiːk] an Arab ruler or head of a group of people   L2 pope: Pope John Paul II
L4 acquire -> Corpus/p.63 -> acquisition; language ~, merger and ~
L4 impressed others  L5 the bigger ~, the more power …  L5 appear; seem: There ~s to be some mistake
L5 by analogy [əˈnæl·ə·dʒi]-> Corpus/p.61 (-> Corpus/p.13)  a comparison of the features or qualities of two different things to show their similarities:   -> analogous [əˈnæl·ə·ɡəs] ; agreeing, similar, related to  (-> A.)
L6 seems odd; strange, unexpected: ~ person/thing/look: ~ numbers<-> even numbers   L6 everyday object/item   L7 at that time   L8 unambiguous <- ambiguous having/expressing more than one possible meaning; unclear, vague, inconclusive: The movie’s ending is~.  L9 contemporary; modern, new, present day <-> traditional  
L11 status ; position, rank, stature: high/social ~  ; condition, situation: health ~, ~ quo
-> Read aloud=> STT
[Univ-Wedding]   L12 academic cap and gown    L21 tassel [ˈtæs·əl], which is a bundle of long silk strings 
L22 by convention (->Corpus/p.56)  a way of doing something or appearing that is considered usual and correct; custom: It is the/a ~ to wear black at funerals. By ~, the deputy chairman is always a woman. 
L27 sashes  L27 whereby  L32 civil courts of law  L32 judge  L33 robe  L33 courtroom  L34 administer justice  to manage or control the operation of something; govern:  L34 gavel [ˈɡæv·əl]  L34 rap to convene court and maintain order   rap - hit suddenly  convene - to bring together a group of people for a meeting, L36 commonwealth nations ->  L40 monarch  a nation’s king or queen -> monarchy  a country that has a king or queen  L41 cape  a sleeveless coat
L45 integral part of the ritual - a set of actions or words performed in a regular way, often as part of a religious ceremony  L47 veil  L47 bouquet of flowers [boʊˈkeɪ, bu-]
L50 constitute -> Corpus/p.63  ; comprise, form, crate, establish -> constitution   constituent [kənˈstɪtʃ·u·ənt]
L54 lucky penny  many people believe any penny you find is good luck.
-> Read aloud Line  => STT
Read & Write Unit 10  More Than a Game
- Blog Review Defining Paragraph about an illness, a device, tool or instrument, application or function, product or service, or food or drink in six to eight sentences. (100 words)
1. Write a simple and clear defining topic sentence.
2. Support is with for example, like or such as, and however, but or not.
3. Conclude your writing to restate, rephrase or reemphasize the topic sentence.
=> Blog Dis What is the moral of the story? => Write a moral of the story in one sentence.
moral  to tell a message about how people should or should not behave, contained in a story, event, or experience:

The moral of the story is that if you want to succeed tomorrow, you have to start working today.


Senior 3-Dec.15th

Kikutan Day 58 #2
- Read aloud [Intro] => STT
- Read Par.2-8-> Reading Skill: Apply-3, 4, 5, 6 
- Read aloud [Last] => Identify the MI of the text.
=>Blog Write the main ideas of the article in three sentences.
Try NOT to use the phrases from the text. Try to paraphrase (to state something written or spoken in different words) and use the word family of the words/expressions.

Prep Task  法政統一-2018: 政治/人間環境 I, II, IV


Advancing 2-Dec.13th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2 

Read and Write Unit 7  Read 1  Fear Factor: Success and Risks in Extreme Sports
- Blog Review HW Response Essay with intro, two bodies, and concluding paragraphs by Dec. 10th
What sport, activity or occasion do you think is worth taking risks?  => Revise
Unit 7 Reading #2  The Climb of My Life
- Vocabulary: conquer, consume my thoughts, cast in, bruise, prick a needle/needle prick, athleticism, at a brisk pace, wind (v), intimidate-intimidating, weather a wooden plank, daunting (discouraging) task, death grip(tight), likeness (resemblance) – likeliness (probability), chisel, replicate-replica, granite face (hard) <-> tender words
- Read-> Main Ideas, Details/p.145
- Vocabulary Skill <=???

Open Forum-2 C7 Language & Communication   #1 Lecture about other languages in the U.S. #1
- Introducing the Topic: Language Quiz/p.56
- Preparing to Listen: Languages spoken in the U.S.
- Before Listening: census (the process of officially counting sth like population), NY, CA, TX, WA
- Listening-1 -> Main Ideas, Details
=> Speak the main ideas of the lecture in three sentences.
- Listening-2 => Speak the main ideas of the lecture in 90 seconds

Inside Reading-3 => Blog Japan's Corporate Culture
Do you think the lifetime employment is a good system? => Speak your answer in 60 sec.
=> HW Write a response essay with two body paragraphs by Dec.17th


Senior 3-Dec.12th

Kikutan Day 58 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2 
Inside Reading-1 Unit 4  Reading-2  Symbolic Clothing #1
- Before Reading-1  => Pair Why do police officers wear uniforms?
- Skim: The title, subheadings=> column, photos,
-> Intro Par. 1st sentence of each Par, Last Par.
=> Reading Skill: Identify Examples-> Apply-1.-> 2.
              => Speak the main idea of the excerpt in one sentence.
Symbolic clothing like uniforms and special dresses could show the status or occasion of the society.
- Reading Comprehension: Underline/Mark the key words to look for.
-> Read  T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.=> Pair Check the Answers
Read & Write Unit 10  More Than a Game
Dic define-definition  to state precisely the meaning of words or terms, to describe the nature, properties, or essential; describe, detail, explain, interpret, specify: difficult to ~, ~ the task, ~d as/in terms of
->A. Read the Defining Para-> Answer the questions-> Identify the subject and role of each sentence.
               A pandemic is …                                         An epidemic can
                    For example, in 2003 …          The avian flu and the swine flu …                              In 2009, a new type …               A month later
                    A pandemic can …                                      However, a pandemic is
=> B. Write a Topic Sentence for a Defining Paragraph for the topics. <= Use Eng-Eng Dic.
              1. A common cold is an illness that affects the nose and/or throat, making the person cough, sneeze, etc.
 2. The flu is an infectious disease like a very bad cold that causes fever, pains and weakness.
              3. Asthma is a medical condition of the chest that makes breathing difficult.
              4. An online simulation game is a type of online game that the players attempts to copy various activities
                         from real life for various purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction. (from Wiki)
- Blog Write a Defining Paragraph about an illness, a device, tool or instrument, application or function, product or service, or food or drink in six to eight sentences. (100 words)
1. Write a simple and clear defining topic sentence.
2. Support is with for example, like or such as, and however, but or not.

3. Conclude your writing to restate, rephrase or reemphasize the topic sentence. 


Senior 3-Dec.8th

Kikutan Day 57 #2
- Listen & Read aloud                      - Read aloud by sentence -> Check words/expressions
- Chants -> Read aloud                     - Read & Look up/Shadowing

- Reading Skill: Identifying Examples  ~ signal examples
-> Blog Signal words (3,4,5): Signal words are specific words that you can use to transition between the different ideas in your paper clearly and organically => Examples by Type
-> Apply 1&2, 3, 4, 5
[Par. 4-6] L42 refer to  - to relate to or involve someone or something; relate: The town’s name refers to a nearby lake. - to mention or talk about sb/sth; mention - to look at something for information or help; look at  L44 via [ˌvɑɪ·ə, ˌvi·ə ]=> Corpus/p.54-> C.  L46 serve as  to help achieve sth, or to be useful as sth; do work: ~ as, ~s its putpose  L46 index  - an alphabetical list  - sth that shows how strong or common a condition or feeling is   L49 similarly  L49 earn a raise in salary  L56 principal [ˈprɪn·sə·pəl] (n) a person in charge of a school (adj) first in order of importance  L56 civil => Corpus/p.55 -> civilian (n) ~s  (adj) ~ control
L57 somewhat => Corpus/p.54  to some degree: I was ~ pleased/disappointed. NY is ~ similar to …  L59 sultan  a title of someone who rules or governs in some Muslim countries 
L60 convene => Corpus/p.56 -> conventional; ~ weapon. ~ method/approach
L61 style => Corpus/p.57 -> stylish  of a high quality in appearance, design, or behavior: ~ clothes/restaurant/person
[Par.7- ] L63 acquire ; obtain, earn, get, buy, gain, win -> acquisition  L63 inheritance <- L66 inherit  to receive money, a house, etc. from someone after they have died; succeed, receive, take over: ~ a house/property 
L64 analogous [əˈnæl·ə·ɡəs] <- analogy a comparison of the features or qualities of two different things to show their similarities; comparison, similarity, metaphor
L66 sheikh [US:ʃeɪk  UK:ʃiːk]  an Arab ruler or head of a group of people   L67 constitute  - to be or be considered as something: The latest defeat ~s a major setback   - to form or make something; comprise, form: Women ~ about 10% of Parliament.  L69 your highness-majesty, excellency,   L70 military  L70-71 authority is channel from  L71 chain of command 
- Vocabulary Activity A.=> STT

Prep Task  BS-639  Ban the killer robots before it's too late

=> Int Terminator -Judgement Day


Advancing 2-Dec.6th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2   
Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading 2 Not Like Other Kids  #3
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level
- A. - considerable  large enough to reckon with: a ~ quantity/amount, a lot of; much: he had ~ courage
; abundant, large, extensive, reasonable, substantial  - worthy of respect: a ~ man in the scientific world
 - expertise   expert skill or knowledge; expertness; know-how, ability, savvy, skill: business ~ -> expertize [ɛkspɜtaɪz]  to act as an expert or give an expert opinion (on)- reveal   to make known; show, uncover, disclose, expose, tell: to ~ a secret. -> revelation=> B. Put the sentences in order.
- C.
- Corpus  analogy  a similarity between like features of two things; comparison, similarity, correlation: the ~ between the heart and a pump, no ~ between your problem and mine.
   heredity [hərɛdɪti] (n) the transmission from one generation to another of genetic factors that determine individual characteristics: responsible for the resemblances between parents and offspring; inheritance, genetics
-> hereditary [hərɛdɪˌtɛr i] (adj) of, relating to, or denoting factors that can be transmitted genetically from one generation to another
-> D.
-> E. (the) norm  a standard, model, or pattern. general level or average: Two cars per family is the ~ in America.
                   (~s) standards of behavior that are typical/accepted within a group/society: social/cultural ~s
=> Pair Is –ing( sth) (during/when) considered the norm in ~ ?
=> Pair Do you feel more comfortable to look like or different from the norm?
-> F-1. Pair Explain one of the norms for one of the customs with an example.
- Corpus  pursue to do sth/try to achieve sth over a period of tiem; chase, follow, go after: ~ a goal/an aim/objective, a medical career   pursuits [pərsut] - the act of looking for/trying to find sth: the ~ of happiness  - the act of following/chasing sb ;chase, hunt, search, quest : in ~ of sb/sth   - (~s) sth that you give your time/energy to; hobby, artistic/intellectual ~
- I. Which argument in the box do you agree the most? Answer the question and explain why in 90 seconds. 
Open Forum-2 C6 Social Studies      #2 Radio Program about Self-employment in the U.S.
- Blog Lis-3 w/Transcript
->Voc: census, substitute, day-to-day stuff, health benefits, get by, downside underestimate
- Pronunciation: Contraction with Be and Have
- Speaking Skills: Expressing Opinions
- Speaking Practice        A: What do you think the person should do?
              B: If this man was your father, what would you say to him?
  Answer the question in 60 seconds. => Partner asks a question(s) and argues against the answer.
=> Partner asks a question(s) and argues against the answer.
A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. The trend toward a gig economy has begun. One study predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of US workers would be independent contractors.
=> Speak you answer in 60 seconds. Are you interested in
- doing the same job like a pilot, lawyer or doctor,
- developing your career within one or a few organizations, or
- doing different things according to your life stage?

Read and Write Unit 6  Read #1 Fear Factor: Success and Risks in Extreme Sports
- Read w/Q-Skill
- Blog What do you think/p.139  What do you think is risky in sports,
HW Write a Response Essay in 7-10 sentences/120-150 words by Dec. 10th
Tips: How to write a Response Essay
A response essay is to provide the reader with to provide the reader with your personal thoughts and feelings on the subject. Therefore, you will use the word "I" while writing the document.
When you write a response essay to tell if you agree or disagree, or you like or dislike with a topic, your introductory paragraph will contain a thesis statement that asserts your point-of-view. The body of the essay will then serve to support your thesis. In other words, your essay will not rely on facts because it focuses more on your opinions. At the same time, you will utilize facts that you know or your own observations to help support your opinion. For example, if you are writing a response essay to something you have read, you might say "In my opinion, the story was very confusing because the author used too many words that were unfamiliar to me and she changed the point-of-view too often."
The conclusion is used to summarize what you have said and to once again state your thesis, or opinion. Be sure to state your thesis in a different way than you said it in the introduction.