Advancing 1-Dec.22nd

Inside Reading Unit 2  Reading-2  Ecopolis Now
- Review Reading 
- Interest Top 7 Future Cities of the world (4:37)
Open Forum Chapter 8  Web
WS A Conversation between three college students about elections and voting
- Lis -1-> Answer the questions
- Lis-2=> Summarize what the assigned student said; Adam, a young male student, OR Helen, a more matured student=> Summary-> Q&A by Pair
Textbook - Speaking Skills-1 2nd Round Elaborate your answers further and better
- Pronunciation: Unstressed Object Pronouns
- Speaking Practice Situation 1, 2 Pair Try to persuade him/her to join you.
Special Program Philadelphia(Ch15-/Day10)
=> Blog  HIV Transmission Write your answer in three to five sentences.
If you were an owner of a business and found that your best employee is infected by HIV virus, would you treat him/her the same way as before?


Advancing 1-Dec.19th

Blog Winter Assignment-1 Global Warning  Post your answers by 10pm on December 31st
1. “Helheim Glacier is retreating rapidly.” What does it mean?
2. Look at the last global map. Why are cities far away from Greenland affected by the melting ice on Greenland?
Blog Winter Assignment-2 Writing  Post your writing by 10pm on December 31st
If there were only one subject for the entrance exam, which subject would you choose? Why?
Be reminded that this is not only for you but for everyone. <=Better not English
1. Write your answer in four to six sentences.
2. Then write another paragraph how you would study it.

Inside Reading Unit 2  Reading-2  Ecopolis Now
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. communicate: communicator, communication, communications (methods of sending info)
communicative  able to communicate; expressive, talkative, open: ~ person, ~ skills
communicable   pass on to others; infectious, transmittable, transferable; ~ disease
- B. Mark the key words that determine the word(s) to be filled.  5. siege: blockade, closure
- C. Dic major (adj; before noun) very large/important, serious, significant: ~ road, company, role, problem, accident, changes, event
- Corpus  major/minor
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- Corpus  despite/in spite of=> E. Write sentences featuring information you’ve learned about cities using despite, in spite of, despite the fact that, and considering the fact that.
Blog AI医療

Special Program Philadelphia (-Ch14/1:01)


Advancing 1-Dec.15th

Inside Reading Unit 2   Reading-2  Ecopolis Now 
- Study Words/Expressions/Grammar 
Read Par.1-3-> [P1-L3] dwarfed by Tokyo (v) to cause to appear/seem small in size/extent/character  (n) - a person of abnormally small stature due to a pathological condition  -an animal/plant much smaller than the average of its kind/species.~ planet   [L6] mushroom  to spread, grow, or develop quickly   [L6] propel  to impel, drive, or cause to move forwards [L8] phenomenal; exceptional, outstanding, unusual, unparalleled  <- phenomena [fɪˈnɒmənɒn] (pl) phenomenon -anything that can be perceived as an occurrence or fact by the senses  -any remarkable occurrence or person – [L9] migration<= migrate [maɪgreɪt] to go from one country/place to another; move, resettle, relocate. - to pass periodically from one region or climate to another, as certain birds, fishes, and animals: ~ southward in winter. [P2-L14] scores of cities  -a great many: ~ of people   score  a group or set of 20: about a ~ of years ago. [L15] pivotal [ˈpɪvətl] important, critical, vital <- pivot – the central point/pin – the central or most important person/thing  [P3-L23] meteoric growth [mitiɔrɪk] resembling a meteor in transient brilliance, suddenness of appearance, swiftness, etc.: his ~ rise in politics  [L29] expel  to drive or force out or away; discharge, throw out  - to cut off from membership or relations: ~ a student from college.  [L32] ruinous demand [ruənəs]  bringing or tending to bring ruin; destructive; disastrous: a ~ war  <- ruin 
Read Par.4-6-> [P4-L36] isn’t an option  [L39] not to mention  in addition to; without mentioning: We were served a sumptuous entree, ~ the other courses. [L48] parasite  sth relies on others, dependent, bloodsucker – parasitic   [P5-L61] integrate sth into  to bring together, make up, combineor complete to produce a whole or a larger unit as parts do: ~ with the community/class, ~ into the system [P6-L64] are still being defined; establish, outline  [L68] wind turbines  [L77] extracted from the landfill  extract  to get, pull, or draw out, usually with special effort, skill, or force; draw out, pull: ~ a tooth.   landfill  disposal of waste material by burying it under layers of earth   [L81] subsidize  to aid or support with a subsidy; finance, sponsor: The project is ~d by the government. A government ~d project.   
☆ L36-40: Dividing up the planet … unlike to ever happen. => 
Read Par.7-9-> [P7-L93] far-flung  far distant, remote, widely distributed  [L97] wholesale rethink ; (adj) all inclusive, extensive, large scale  (n) (v) the sale of goods in quantity, as to retailers or jobbers, for resale ->wholesaler  [L99] in the first place  [P8-L017] at the other end of the scale  (on the other hand) are shanty towns  a crudely built hut, cabin, or house,   [112] alley [æli]  narrow street/passage, backstreet  [L113] pedestrianize [pəˈdɛstriənaɪz]  to convert a street into an area for the use of pedestrians only by excluding all motor vehicles.  [L114] from the wider city  extended part of the city?  [L118] sanitary  of or relating to health and measures for the protection of health, free from dirt, germs, etc   [L119] social vibrancy  giving an impression of activity; action, energy, dynamism <- vibrate-vibrant  full of life and energy; exciting 
[P9L-L122] Dic spontaneous  resulting from a natural impulse/tendency; w/o effort; natural, unplanned  -spontaneity inspiration, impulse [P10-L12] dense having the component parts closely compacted together; crowded or compact: a ~ forest; ~ population. [L127] Dic retain  keep, continue, hold, enjoy, maintain, own) study->remember->retain=>learn
☆ L121-129: So perhaps something…to sandwich wrappers 
Interest Dubai vs Hong Kong  (3:41)
Open Forum Chapter 8 Listening-2  On-the-street interview about community involvement
- Blog Lis-3 w/Script-> Study how the interviewees Answer => elaborate their answers
-> Vocabulary: social involvement, fund raising, sign petitions, prefer to, go out for dinner, 
get together with friends
  -> Expressions: it’s always easier to do something else.
It’s funny you should ask that,  I make my voice heard
- Speaking Skills-1 2nd Round Elaborate your answers further and better
=> Pair 2-1. Local events and festivals 2. Do you volunteer or donate money to charities?
3. Family=> grandparents/relatives 4. How often do you go out with your friends?
- Pronunciation: Unstressed Object Pronouns
- I told him the news. – I told the news to him.
- He sent me a card. – He sent a card to me.
- Give me the gun. – Give the gun to me.
- Speaking Practice Situation 1, 2 Pair Try to persuade him/her to join you.  


Advancing 1-Dec.12th

Read and Write Unit 8 Stories  Writing: Write a Narrative
Blog Review the narrative about a special event/incident you attended/took part in/were involved in two paragraphs, one to introduce the event/incident and the other to describe it. Try using connotations. 
☆Events were well described in a time-ordered manner. Past simple-continuous not used but Makoto.
=> Revise Correct sing-pl, tense errors. Add more descriptions to sensory words. Check T’s Suggestion
Inside Reading Unit 2  Reading-2  Ecopolis Now
- Read-2 -> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the location by line #, Correct false statements.
Interest Top 10 Futuristic Cities Being Built RIGHT NOW!
-> Review the Structure by identifying the MI and the topic
Par.1-4: Intro, Megacity->New city living, Par.5-7: Green megacities, examples, priority=car, 
Par.8-9: Another solution=Shanties, Conclusion=Shanties & Planned eco-cities
=> Blog Write the Main Ideas of the magazine article in 5-7 sentences or 100 words.


Advancing 1-Dec.8th

Inside Reading Unit 2   Reading-2  Ecopolis Now   
- ecopolis?   megalopolis
Forget the rural idyll [aɪdl/idil]…  a happy/peaceful place in the countryside
- What do you predict this article will discuss from the title, the heading, “Forget the rural idyll. Urban living may be the best way to save the planet?” and the photo? 
- Before You Read-2: ☆ Ind. Speaking What particular ecological challenges does your city have to deal with? What special policies or regulations are in place to help the city cope with these challenges? 
- Reading Skill: Identifying Main Ideas vs. Supporting Details
-> Read=> Mark/Underline the Main Idea and its Supporting Details of each paragraph. => Pair
=> Blog Write the Main Ideas of the magazine article within 100 words.
=> Interest Masdar City Welcome Video (2:48) 
Open Forum Chapter 8 Listening-2  On-the-street interview about community involvement
- Preparing to Listen: A survey on social involvement  - petition for/against sth; start/sign a ~
-> How much do you know about your local community?; neighbors’ names, events, agenda or problems.
-> How much are you interested in social causes, movements, agenda or problems?
- Lis-1 by Interviewee=> Pair Ask questions in More Details/p.67 in the third person speech
=> Answer in the Reported Speech
- Speaking Skills-1 Elaborating=> Pair 2-1. Local events and festivals
2. Do you volunteer or donate money to charities?
3. Family=> grandparents/relatives
4. How often do you go out with your friends?


Advancing 1-Dec.5th

Read and Write Unit 8 Stories  Writing: Write a Narrative
- Read aloud w/Q-Skill   Reading 2 : Writing a Short Story
- Grammar: Simple Past & Past Continuous -> A-> B-> C
- Writing Skill: Setting, Sequence, Sensory Details-> A-> B-> C 
- Blog Write a narrative about a special event/incident you attended/took part in/were involved.
-> Use the steps in Reading 2.  
-> Tip/p.158  Think carefully before writing. => Plan 
Inside Reading Unit 2 Megacities  Reading-1 The New Megapolis
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- Corpus  network-> A. Match the type of network with example 
-> Dic neuro- : indicating a nerve/the nervous system: neurology, neuroscience-~scientist
- Corpus  migrate -> immigrate, emigrate
- C. Complete the sentences
-> Dic define: to state precisely the meaning of words/terms, to describe the nature, properties, or
 essential qualities of sth/sb, to determine the boundary or extent of, to fix with precision; specify
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- E. Rephrase each status
- Corpus: rely on ~ for sth, rely on ~ to do ... 
-> Dic rely-count, depend, have confidence in, reliable-dependable, trustworthy, honest, sincere, predictable, countable, reliability-dependability, accuracy, loyalty, reliance-dependence, 
-> F. 
=> Interest Blog Interview & Report-2: What do your friends think of you in terms of reliability?
Ask the interviewee questions about the topic and write a report in three sentences. 


Advancing 1-Dec.1st

Inside Reading Unit 2 Megacities: Urban Planning  Reading-1 The New Megapolis

Blog Review writing the main ideas of the entire article in five sentences.
Megapolis or the New Megas are arousing in the world. 
They are expanding to surrounding areas and becoming the driving force of economy, creativity, trade, transportation and communication.
Furthermore, more regions are converged to form mega-regions beyond borders around the world.
Business and political leaders in the world should have broader perspective and vision for the future.
It is no longer the time to limit themselves within traditional borders like cities, regions or even countries to view, plan or deal with challenges. (82 words)
Interest  Blog The megacity of the future is smart (Text, Map)    Map only
-> Study Words/Expressions/Grammar
[P1-L1] ferocious [fəˈrōshəs] violent, crucial, ruthless; a ~ beating -> ferocity  [L3] corridor [kɔrɪdər] a gallery or passage connecting parts of a building; hallway  - a usually densely populated region characterized by one or more well-traveled routes used by railroad, airline, or other carriers: The Northeast corridor extends from Washington, D.C., to Boston.   [L8] spur growth; arouse, drive, stimulate   [L10] a term coined  invent a word, create    [L12] sprawl  spread out   [P2-L21] vast expanse   -vast  very large, great, huge  -expanse  surface of sth spread out [P3-L31] Dic set about  start doing sth; assume, take on, enter: ~ a new business   [L35] light emissions; gas ~ <- emit  to send forth (liquid, light, heat, sound, particles, etc.); discharge   [L39] chart their relative peak strengths and dynamism  - chart  to make a chart of, to plan: ~ a course of action.  – dynamism  great energy, force, or power; vigor: ~ of the new governor -> dynamic  [P4-L43] scatter  throw about or move in various directions, disperse   [L54] exponentially [ɛkspoʊnɛnʃəli] rapidly   [L55] hone  a fine whetstone, esp for sharpening razors,  [L55] put into/in practice  Carry out in action: time to put the new ideas into practice. 
[P5-L57] a tipping point  [L58] the forces of price and congestion <-congest  to fill to excess; overcrowd or overburden; clog: The subway entrance was so ~ed that no one could move.   [L62] cluster (v) to gather or grow into bunches; gather, collect, flock (n) a group of things/bunch/chunk  [L65] in the middle of nowhere   [L75] next in line  [P7-L96] Greater Tokyo/Los Angeles [P8-101] Dic literally  - in a literal manner; word for word: to translate ~  - actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy: The city was ~ destroyed.  - in effect; very nearly; virtually: I ~ died when she appeared in that costume. [P9-L118] lift many more boats  drive economy (in surrounding or rural small cities)  [L122] Dic dwell on  emphasize, Linger over, speak or write at length: Let's not ~ this topic too long. - dwell  live permanently; reside, to live in a specified state: ~ in poverty
Open Forum Chapter 8 Social Studies
- Lis-3 Blog w/Script for Voc: eligible, socialize, isolated, such a big deal, correlate-correlation
=> Integ. Speech Why social connections in a community are important? Explain in 90 seconds
(crime, health, happiness, live longer)
- Vocabulary: Describing Trends
increase-decrease, rise-fall, approximately-exactly, level off-reach a peak, steadily-suddenly
Table-1 Turnouts of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, Metropolitan Governor, and General Elections
=> Discuss-1  Look at the turnout of the municipal elections. What do you think of the turnout?
Text-2 Voting within Australia – Frequently Asked Questions
=> Discuss-2  Read the FAQ for Voting in Australia. 
Voting in elections is a duty of an Australian citizen. If one doesn’t vote without valid and sufficient reason, he or she could be fined. What do you think of that?
=> Integ. Speech Think of ways to increase voter turnout and speak one of them in 60 sec. 
=> Ind. Speech You’ll be soon 18 and become eligible to vote. Are you ready to vote and why? What do you need to learn? Speak about your readiness to vote in elections in 60 seconds.