Advancing 1-May 30th

1. Read and Write Unit 4 Games  Writing: Write an Opinion Paragraph
Blog Review Writing a paragraph about your opinion in response to the question. 
- Peer Review => Rewrite=> Present
2. Inside Reading Unit 6  Brain Food Reading-1 Fat for Brains  
- Dic acid  a liquid chemical compound that contains hydrogen with pH under 7. ~ rain, test -> acidic (adj) <-> alkaline [ælkəlaɪn/lɪn] 
- Preview: Check the title, headings, photos/captions-> Predict the topic 
=> Skim the text => Write the topic of the text in one sentence: 
The balance of the type of fat affects physical and brain performance as well as emotion.
- Read-1 Underline the topic sentences/main ideas 
=> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.
Interest of the Day       
The Remains Of The Day (1:29)               


Advancing 1-May 26th

1. Inside Reading Unit 5  Reading-2  Weather, Climate, or Both?
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. “thundersnow”-> Practice reading aloud
=> Pair Check the understanding=> Read even/odd number paragraphs=> Change
4. troposphere: the lowest layer of the atmosphere, 10 km to 20 km high.
5. the Great Lakes: Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, forming the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, containing 21% of the world's surface fresh water by volume.
6. the western slopes of the mountains <= in northern hemisphere
-> B. Write synonyms of the informal words-> Check the text=> Pair
- C. Dic orient  - to direct sb/sth towards sth, to make/adapt sb/sth for a particular purpose; intended, designed; 
Students are ~ed towards science subjects. A commercially/academically/profit ~ed operation/organization
- ~ oneself: to find a position; difficult to orient themselves in the fog.
- ~ oneself: to make oneself familiar with a new situation; adapt, adjust; It took me some time to ~ myself in
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- coherent; understandable, reasoned, rational, logical  be/seem/become ~, ~ remark  <-> incoherent
-> coherence; logical/ideological/theoretical ~.  have/possess/achieve/create/keep/maintain ~, ~ between, ~ in
=> Pair-1 Do you always maintain coherence in what you say?
=> Pair-2 Do you know someone who lacks or loses coherence in argument?
- exhibit
- E. - while en route [ɑn ˈrut] on the way; The plane crashed ~ from Cairo to Athens.
-disorient  to make unable to organize sth; confuse, distract: The darkness ~ d him.  
- to make sb feel confused; ~d by sth
=> Integ. Speech Speak to your partner a summary of the text in 60 sec.
=> Ind. Speech Speak to your partner what you think of the case in 90 sec.
2. Open Forum Chapter 4 Psychology #1 TV news report about the Boot Camp for the Brain
- Blog 3rd Listening w/Script-> Study Vocabulary: feel less forgetful, worth looking into
- Vocabulary: Verbs and Adj with Prep/p.29 
-> Ex.1 Read like an announcer Improve Your Memory!
- surprised/disappointed at/by: I was surprised at the news.  I was surprised by the news (that …)  
I was surprised to hear the news
-> Ex.2/p.30
=> Pair What do you think is the best way to learn new words and expressions? Speak your answer in 60 seconds. Make sure to state if you in fact do the way you think is the best.
3. Interest of the Day   Blog A 518km ice-road across the tundra 
=>Task If you lived in Fort Chipewyan, would you ride a car or dog sled? 


Advancing 1-May 23rd

1. Read and Write Unit 4 Games  Writing: Write an Opinion Paragraph
- Writing Skills/p.76-77: Writing an Opinion Paragraph-> A=> B
- Grammar: Modals/p.77-78
ought to= should  used to say what is the right thing to do; You ~ to apologize/pay it now, You ~ not to be late.
- used to say what you advice/recommend; We ~ to be leaving now. You ~ to try some. You ~ to have come.
should: used to show what is right/appropriate esp. to criticize; you ~n’t eat too much. You ~ have been careful.
- giving/asking for advice; You ~ leave now. Should I call sb? 
- expect to happen; We ~ arrive before noon. I ~ have done it. The roads ~ be less crowded today.
Blog Writing Assignment
Some people think it is a good idea for children to compete in team sports. Others believe it is a bad idea. What do you think? Is it good or bad for children to play on sports teams?
- Complete the graphic organizer in page 79 with your reasons and supporting details.
=> Write a paragraph about your opinion in response to the question. Support your opinions with reasons and examples. Make sure to introduce your opinions with appropriate phrases, and end your paragraph with a strong concluding sentence. 

2. Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-2  Weather, Climate, or Both?
- Study Words/Expressions/Sentences: [P1-L16] phenomenon-phenomena(pl) fact/event in nature or society; cultural/.natural/social ~  [P2-L21] shiver  to shake or tremble, as from cold or fear; tremble, shake ->shivery(adj)  [L24] post ~ on record: to announce sth officially  [P3-L40] faulty- Dic fault (n)  a mistake or error; It’s my ~ that …,  an imperfection; failure, defect, flaw; a fault in the brakes; a fault in one's character  [P4-L46] exhibit present, demonstrate, show, display, express ->exhibition, exhibitor  [L49] coherent tale  understandable, reasoned, rational,  logical  [P5-L57] establish (oneself)  to hold a position firmly; ~ oneself as …, get ~ed,  [L58] qualifies as a climate feature    to have the right qualities to be described as sth; designate, characterize; ~ as a doctor - feature; a distinct aspect of sth; character  [p6-L93] die off (phrv) to die one after the other until there are none left -> die down  to become gradually less strong/loud/noticeable; the applause ~d down, the flame ~.  [P7-L96] climatologist-climatology – [klaɪ məˈtɒl ə dʒi] [L103] vicious storm  violent, crucial, brutal; ~ attack/murder/offender  [L112] hindsight (<-> foresight) the understanding after sth happened; retrospect, experience; with ~ it’s easy to say, it’s obvious in ~ that…, with the benefit of
3. Interest of the Day CNN 10 May 4th emoji  (5:33~8:52) inc.10-sec trivia
=>Task Explain what emoji is in one minute


Advancing 1-May 19th

1. Inside Reading Unit 5  Reading-2  Weather, Climate, or Both?
- Before You Read-2. ☆Ind. Speech Describe the climate in Japan in 90 seconds.
- Before You Read-3. Locate the places=> Pair Talk what you know about these places.
- What: Newspaper article about climate change
- Skimming: Title, sub titles, chart, Read Par.1, 2, first sentences and the last paragraph 
=> Blog Write what this text is about in one sentence=> Pair Compare the sentence.
Climate has huge impact on weather but it is difficult to predict the change until it actually happens. 
- Before reading: CE (Common Era=AD), BCE (Before Common Era=BC)
- Read-1 -> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the paragraph/Line #, Correct false statements.
(- Read-2=>Blog Write a summary of the text in three sentences. Use your own words or paraphrase.)
=> Pair Compare the summary and discuss the main points=> Revise the summary
Climate shows the weather conditions for a long period time. It has significant impacts on people’s lives and history. It is still difficult to make reliable predictions for climate change even with today’s technology.
Interest of the Day Climate change (according to a kid)  (2:11)
2. Open Forum Chapter 4 Psychology #1 TV news report about the Boot Camp for the Brain
- Introducing the Topic-> Take notes=> Pair Describe the Scene=> Talk how good your memory is
- Focus on Listening Skill: Predicting-> Title of the TV news program: What’s Boot Camp?
- Vocabulary before Listening: scan-scanning->MRI, crossword puzzle, strategy, brain function
- 1st Listening-> MI, More Detail
=> Explain what the Boot Camp for the Brain is, how it works with Rubin’s experience.
- 2nd Listening [Part-4, Part-5] 
=> Explain how the research was conducted.

3. CNN 10 May 4th emoji  (5:33~8:52) 


Advancing 1-May 16th

1. Read and Write Unit 4 Games: What makes a competition unfair?
Blog Review Writing: What do you think?  Do you think professional athletes earn too much? Why or why not? Write five to eight sentences in response. => Peer Review=> Rewrite
Blog Model Writing 
Reading 2 : The Fastest Man on No Legs #1  Preview: Oscar Pistorius
- Vocabulary/p.70: ban (v) 
- Read-1: Magazine Article=> Main Ideas A. Details
- Read-2: “Letter to the Editor”-> Main Ideas B
Video-Pistorius in 2012 Olympic
- Practice Reading aloud w/Audio
=> What do you think?-A.1: Blog Post your opinion in response in 3~5 sen to the question.
Do you think Pistorius should be allowed to compete against able-bodied athletes? Why, why not?
Blog Reference Reading Oscar Pistorius From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
2. Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  Weather Warning 
- Reading Skill: Reading Charts and Graphs
 Read to understand => Pair to exchange the understanding, predict deciduous, latitude=> Dic
Blog Words and Expressions


Advancing 1-May 12th

1. Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  Weather Warning
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. => Pair Read aloud: Odd numbers/Even numbers=> Switch
- B. interval Dic period of time/distance between two events/instants; between parts of play-> intermission (AmE)
=> Pair How do you feel during the interval between …(2, 4, 6)?
- strategy Dic a long-term plan for success, esp in biz/politics; planning/conduct of a war; Strategy wins the war, tactics win the battle. marketing/financial/political/diplomatic/military ~/-ies: -> Strategy and action plan
=> Pair What is your strategy to be successful in the future? => What action plans do you have?
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- energy Dic – a source/forces of power; solar/nuclear/renewable ~, generate/produce/conserve/save/ ~, 
- the ability to be active; full of ~, have/lack ~, save/conserve/waste ~
-> energetic: ~ person/speaker/actor, feel/be ~ energetically: support/campaign/play/put effort/work ~
- Word Form Chart-> Read aloud=> Pair Read aloud: Odd numbers/Even numbers=> Switch
☆ Integ. Speaking Review the text and tell what forensic meteorology is in 90 sec with an example.
2. Open Forum Chapter 3  Web: An Interview about an important science discovery; Coelacanth
-WS Lis-1-> Answer the Questions
- Lis-2 to Check the Answers and find who Ms. Latimer was and where/when/how she discovered the Coelacanth.
 => Task-1 Explain who Ms. Latimer was and how she discovered the Coelacanth in 90 seconds.
Interest of the Day Images of Coelacanth  Ms. Latimer
- Lis-3 w/Transcript=> Task-2 Explain why the discovery is significant.
- the way a curator in South Africa found Coelacanth.
- the ancient fish had been thought to have extinguished by the discovery.
- the difference from modern fish organs and small brain


Advancing 1-May 9th

1. Read and Write Unit 4 Games: What makes a competition unfair?
- Review the Summary what this article wants to say within 50 words (three to four sentences)
- Reading Skill: Par. 3, 4, 6 Taking Notes -> Substituted by Underline, Highlight or Check.
=> Learn how those paragraphs are written and organized.
- Practice Reading aloud w/Audio 
 What do you think?  Do you think professional athletes earn too much? Why or why not?
=> Write five to eight sentences in response in 15 min. => Revise
=> Pair Explain your thoughts in 60 seconds w/o the writing
2. Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  Weather Warning
- Reading Skill Reading Charts and Graphs => Apply 
Interest of the Day Forensic Meteorology: Solving Crimes Through Weather  (3:08)  
OUI; Operating Under the Influence of alcohol or other drugs, a variant of driving under the influence (DUI)
<-autopsy: official examination of a dead body by a coroner, who examines it to discover the cause 
=> Integ. Speech Explain what forensic meteorology is in 60 sec. (instead of, unlike, while)
Study Words/Expressions
- Par. 1~3: [P1-L1] testify; ~ against/for/before -testimony (C/UC); give ~  [L2] defendant  [L2] confess-confession: court, Roman Catholic [L6] overhear   [L11] - prosecutor-  [P2-L12] defense attorney [L13] jury  
Judicial terms court: summary/district/high/supreme ~, judge, jury, 
prosecute; ~ for sth/doing sth, - prosecution - prosecutor, defend-defendant- defense attorney, 
(eye)witness (n); ~ stand, a defense/prosecution ~, (v) ~ an incident/crime/trend, verdict; reach/give a ~ , 
plead-pleaded/plead (not) guilty
US Circuit Court Image 
- Par. 4-5: Predict what forensic meteorology is=> Pair=> Dic forensic  relating to/connected with a court of law; judicial, legal: ~ science 
[P5-L45] phenomena(pl) <-phenomenon  a fact/occurrence/circumstance observed or observable; occurrence, incident  [L49] precipitation  rain, snow, sleet, dew, the amount precipitated  [L50] inhabited place [L52] inauguration-inaugurate  to commence officially or formally; initiate  [L53] Fahrenheit – Celsius  
- Par. 6-8: [P6-L57] orient (v) Dic to adjust/align sb/sth according to surroundings/circumstances: adapt/adjust/align; It took me time to ~ myself in the new neighborhood.   
[L60] draws scattered facts together into a coherent picture.  Dic logically connected; understandable, logical, rational, consistent; a ~ argument   having a natural agreement of parts; harmonious; a ~ design-> coherency
[P7-L66] flat-flatten-flattened [L67] (insurance) policy cover/coverage  [L71] by the prospect of  [P8-L76] call in  to ask for the service of sb; ~ a doctor/the police  [L94] updraft  the movement upward of air or other gas  [L101] reinforce Dic to give added strength or support to/emphasis on ; strengthen, fortify, increase, undermine; ~ the wall/foundation/efforts [L103] burst Dic to break, fly apart w/sudden violence: The bitter cold caused the pipes to ~.  to issue forth suddenly and forcibly; Oil ~ to the surface.   to give sudden expression to; ~ into applause/tears
- Par. 9: [P9-L108] continual  repeated many times; repeated/endless; ~ rain/interruption  <-> continuous  happening/existing w/o interruption; continued, uninterrupted; ~ employment/process   
[L113] ensure Dic  assure/guarantee/make sure; ~ his success, ensure all lights are turned off.  
[L117] certify  to attest as certain; give reliable information of; confirm: He ~ied the truth of his claim.  to testify to or vouch for in writing: The medical examiner will ~ his findings to the court.   to guarantee; endorse reliably: to certify a document with an official seal.  -certified-certificate
[L120] credential [krɪdɛnʃəl] evidence/proof that entitles sb to confidence/authority; ~s for the job, examine ~s
[L117] witness stand 


Adancing 1-May 2nd

1. Read and Write Unit 3 Courtesy: What does it mean to be polite?
- Review Blog a paragraph in response to a question posted on an online forum about politeness; 
- Show model writing Blog=> Revise
2. Unit 4 Games: What makes a competition unfair?
Reading 1: Money and Sports #1 
- Vocabulary/p.65: finance-financial, have an advantage/disadvantage
- Preview the Chart of the world top football teams/p.67
- Reading-1: -> Main Ideas, Details 1-4
- Reading-2: Underline the Main Idea and Identify the Supporting Ideas/Examples of each Paragraph
Blog Summarize what this article wants to say within 50 words (three to four sentences)
=> Compare=> Revise the writing: grammar, paraphrasing, spelling, punctuations
=>Blog Model: Money gives unfair advantage for professional sport teams. Wealthy teams are more successful and make even more money than less wealthy ones. They can also recruit better coaches and players. Sports fans want to enjoy close and fair competitions but it seems difficult to agree on effective solutions.   (48 words)
3. Inside Reading Unit 5 Reading-1  Weather Warning
Reading-1  The Weather Goes to Court: Forensic Meteorology <=What does that mean? 
=> Dic forensic: scientific tests used by police; ~ evidence/medicine   of/relating court of law: judicial, legal
- Preview: Check the title, subtitle, photos/captions-> Predict what “backcasts” (Par.4) means <-> forecast
Skim text => Predict the Topic: about the role and value of forensic meteorologist to court and insurance.
- Read-1 Underline the topic sentences => Review a Skill Outlining: Add more detail to the outline
- Read-2 => Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.