Advancing 1-Apr.28th

1. Inside Reading Unit4 Reading-2  Fame in a Foreign Language: Joseph Conrad
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. -> B. Dic for sample sentence/phrase: adequate, indicate
- C. Dic precede  to happen before sth or come before sth/sb in order, to go or be before sb/sth in time/place/rank; go before/ahead of; years –ing the war, -ing chapter  <-> follow, go after
- precedent an example/instance used to justify later similar occurrences; set a ~ for, historical ~. there is no ~ for
- precedence   superiority, highest in priority; take ~ over sb/sth, The officers are seated according to precedence.
- preceding  previous, prior, earlier; ~ page, event
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- D.1 Which of these discoveries could resolve the debate about the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays?
Blog Study-1:  could to say sth is/might be possible
- It could resolve the debate about the authorship. 
- I could do it if you like/wish.
- I could have left it on the train. - Don’t worry – they could have just forgotten to call.
Study-2: could to suggest sth
- You could always call me at this number. - You could go to bed early.
Study-3: could is used to talk about what sb was generally able to do in the past
- I could ride a bike when I was four. – I could find the book
-> I could get to school on time=> I managed to/was able to …
-> I could make a good friend => I made a good friend.
-> was/were able to or manage to to say sth was possible on a particular occasion, not could
- I was able to/managed to find someone to help me.
-> couldn’t/wasn’t/weren’t able to/didn’t manage to: to say sth was’t possible on a particular occasion
- We couldn’t/weren’t able to/didn’t manage to be there in time.
-> could is also used with see/hear/taste/smell/notice/understand/remember
- I could see there was something wrong. I could understand most of the conversation.
Study-4: could have is used when you’re saying it was possible to do sth but they didn’t try.
- I could have called her but I decided not to.  - I could have done that (but I didn’t)
- Dic depress  bother/discourage; devalue/diminish/reduce; push down
- depress: The test results depressed me
- depressed: I was depressed by the test results.
- depressing: The test results were depressing.
- depression: The Great Depression, depression(low pressure<-> high pressure
- E. => Pair 
2. Open Forum Chapter 3 Life Science Classroom Lecture on Bees
- Lis-3-w/Script-> Vocabulary: 
A drone is a male bee that is the product of an unfertilized egg. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers and do not participate in nectar and pollen gathering. A drone's primary role is to mate with a fertile queen.
=> Task-2 Study the transcript for two minutes and Explain how bees make honey in 60 sec.
- Pronunciation: Unstressed Function Words<->Stress on Content Words/p.14(n, v, adj, adv)
- Speaking Skills: Asking for Clarification <= clarify, clarification
- Speaking Practice Pair Find missing information=> Repeat the 1st half-> Change-> Repeat the 2ne half


Advancing 1-Apr.25th

1. Read and Write Unit 3 Courtesy: What does it mean to be polite?
- Review Blog Examples to support the main idea and complete the paragraph.
For example, some people use cell phones while they are walking. It is impolite because they tend to speak too loudly. Also, it is dangerous because they don’t pay attention to others or things on the road. 
Another example is the use of cell phones on or near the priority seats on the train. Though it is advised not to use a cell phone because it could interfere with pacemakers, some people still do that. 
Cell phone users should keep good manners in public places.
- Blog Write a paragraph in response to a question posted on an online forum about politeness; 
I think that young students today are very rude. I’m one of the senior members of the school Judo club. 
How can I teach junior members to be polite?
=> Plan 1. Write a topic sentence to answer the question.
2. Write examples as many as you can think of to support the topic sentence and main idea.
3. Choose the examples, or add more examples to best answer the question.
=> Write a paragraph to answer the question with two or more examples to support your answer.
Try to use the vocabulary from the unit, adjectives with prefixes or suffixes. 
2. Inside Reading Unit4 Reading-2  Fame in a Foreign Language: Joseph Conrad
Review Summary: ☆ Points are written well. Grammar is OK. Contents in each sentence inconsistent.
Ayu, Makoto=> contents complexity.   Sae=> Consistent contents and well organized. 
=> Blog Read the model summary.
☆ Subject is the Topic of the sentence.  Sb was a …  Use and to write the events in chronological order. Use relative pronouns/adverbs effectively. Follow the instructions. 
Who=> Joseph Conrad was born in Poland in 1857 who later became one of the greatest novelists in English despite his native language being Polish. 
Life=> He spent 16 years on British navy ships where he studied in English to be promoted to the captain’s rank, earned a British citizenship in 1886 and debuted as English writer in 1895 even though he was not fluent in speaking English.
What=> His works were written with extensive and natural English vocabulary and in a straight-forward fashion that was way ahead of that time, and influenced many prominent English writers.
=> Revise in five minutes.
- Study Words/Expressions/Sentences: 


Advancing 1-Apr.21st

1. Inside Reading Unit4 Reading-2  Fame in a Foreign Language: Joseph Conrad
Blog Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) 
- Read-1 -> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the paragraph/Line #, Correct false statements.
- Reading Skill-> Apply: Outlining=> Pair Compare the outline how the text is paraphrased.
  => Blog Write a summary of the text in three sentences
Review the Outline/p.59, organize key points, events and facts of his life and works into three groups in chronological order before writing. Use your own words or paraphrase.
=> Compare the sentence=> Blog Read the model summary.
2. Open Forum Chapter 3 Life Science Classroom Lecture on Bees
- Before Listening: What do bees do? Have you ever been stung by a bee? 
- Prepare to Listen
What is a sweet sticky yellow substance made by bees and eaten by humans, bears and aunts=> honey
What is a sweet liquid produced by flowers and collected by bees to make honey? => nectar
What is a structure made for bees to live in? => hive
- Lis-1-> Main Idea, More Detail
- Lis-2 => Take notes on More Details=> Task Describe what the bee’s society is like in 90 sec.


Advancing 1-Apr.18th

1. Read and Write Unit 3 Courtesy: What does it mean to be polite?
- Blog Review T’s comment on the Rewrite: In your culture, what is the polite or appropriate way to
  Kaede’s well-structured and clear.  Yuma’s very complicating. 
- Blog Posting Comments on Blog to
Linh Loi, Hanoi  Posted an hour ago
Question: First Trip to Japan
For my new job, I will travel to Japan next month and meet my Japanese boss. This will be my first trip to Japan. I’m worried about correct business etiquette and manners. My boss invited me to her home for dinner. Do you have any advice?
Post your comment in five minutes.
- Reading 2: Answers to all your Travel Questions  Read the text=> Shadowing: 1~6.
Writing: Write a paragraph with supporting examples
- Writing Skill: Supporting your main idea with examples.
=> Pair Explain 
-> A. Study the response and identify the Main Idea and Examples to support it.
=> Writing Skill-B 
Blog Write examples to support the main idea and complete the paragraph.
- Grammar A-> Tip for Success: Underline subjects and verbs in every sentence to check for S-V agreement.
- Grammar B: Circle the subject and underline the verb in each sentence=> Correct the errors in S-V agreement.
=> Identify the main idea and examples. Study how the examples support the main idea=> Pair 
- Blog Write a paragraph in response to a question posted on an online forum about politeness; 
2. Inside Reading Unit 4 Reading-1 Could Shakespeare Have Written Shakespeare’s Plays?
Review Blog the summary in three sentences
☆Main points are well covered. Errors in the tense. 1st=> There is a question, skepticism or debate?
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. -> Read aloud  1. manuscript: the original text of an author's work, handwritten or typed
- Corpus Dic precede to go or be before sb/sth in time/place/rank; go ahead of
-> precedent/precedence-> unprecedented
-> B. Note the reference
- Corpus Dic protocol -> C. -> Read aloud
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- Word Form Chart Dic
accumulate [əˈkyumyəleɪt] to gather or collect, often in gradual degrees; add to, collect, gain, increase: ~ wealth.
sustain   to hold up under; withstand, continue, preserve, maintain: ~ life, ~ economic growth, ~ an argument
- D. Read aloud while restating with the words in parentheses 


Advancing X-Apr.8th

1. Assignment-1 Plastic Island (Video-Infographic) 
Revise other’s writing=> Rewrite=> Present Assignment 2=> Q&A
=> Which do you think is a better solution to the plastic bag problem, a 10% environmental tax on plastic bags or banning the use of plastic bags. Speak your answer in 60 sec.=> Q&A
2. CNN 10 Listen and Learn about the Latest Topics
Mar.31st Brexit (~2:49)  Watch & Listen-> Listen with the Transcript-> Study Voca/Words
=> Speak about the challenges of Brexit in 60 sec.
- Voca/Words: *taken precedence over, extricate, lingering
Apr.3rd Japan’s Vending Machines (1:27~5:20)  Watch & Listen-> Listen with the Transcript-> Study 
=> Explain what challenges for the vending machines in Japan in 60 seconds. 
=> Speak about the vending machines in Japan to foreigners in 90 seconds. => Q&A
- Voca/Words: savory [seɪvəri]
3. New Assignment by April 14th. Blog
[1] India cinemas ordered to play national anthem-Indianexpress
India cinemas ordered to play national anthem-BBC
Read the two articles, one Indian and the other British, reporting the supreme court decision to play national anthem before the featured film in all screens across the country. If you were an Indian, would you follow the order to watch movies in cinema, do it at home, or don’t watch movies any longer? 
Write your answer in four to six sentences.
[2] Lovett performs the national anthem before Game 4
Watch the performance of national anthem being played before a baseball game. in the United States, national anthem is played at almost every sporting event as part in an effort to inspire patriotic fervor, hearing the song has become a chore, a duty rather than a moving moment of remembrance of the sacrifice required to proclaim this land a free and independent nation.
Write a paragraph to describe your thoughts on India’s ruling to enforce movie watchers to stand and listen to national anthem before a movie, comparing America’s practice to play national anthem before a major sporting event.


Advancing 1-Apr.7th

1. Inside Reading Unit4 Reading-1 Could Shakespeare Have Written Shakespeare’s Plays?
Will learn: two remarkable figures … guess-> Dic number, digit, the shape of a person, a person of the type mentioned; a leading ~ in sth, a political ~, a ~ of authority
Target Words  accumulate, adequate, persist, precede, protocol
Before you Read 2. What do you know about Shakespeare? What did he write?
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. His works, including 38 plays and 154 sonnets( a poem that has 14 lines, each containing 10 syllables with rhyme). He was born and brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Between 1585 and 1592, he began a successful career in London as an actor, writer, and part-owner of a playing company. He produced most of his works between 1589 and 1613. His early plays were mainly comedies, histories and these works remain regarded as some of the best work produced in these genres. He then wrote mainly tragedies until about 1608, including Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth, considered some of the finest works in the English language.
- Previewing and Predicting: Read the Titles, Headlines, Check the Photos and Captions
-> Title: Could Shakespeare Have Written Shakespeare’s Plays? => Dis What is this reading about?
-> 2nd photo caption: ~ 2011 movie Anonymous => Dic (with a name not known or made public)
 ~ donor, caller, buyer -> anonymity (n) the state of remaining unknown; on the condition of ~
-> Sub titles: Oxford vs. Stratford (Stratford-upon-Avon) 
Oxfordian: a view that Edward de Vere wrote under Shakespeare’s name, a person related to Oxford Univ,
Stratfordian: a person who, in the controversy over who wrote Shakespeare's plays, holds it was Shakespeare himself, a resident of Stratford
- Read-1 -> Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. Mark the years and titles of the plays
-> Check the prediction=> Dis
- Read-2-> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.
- Make a Guess  What does Earl (the ~ of Southampton/Oxford) mean? => Dic
2. Open Forum Chapter 3 Life Science A Tour at the Eden Project
- Introducing the Topic: Plant Facts Quiz
- Before Listening: Image of the Garden of Eden [i:dn], Cornwall in England
=> Vocabulary: horticulture, biome, landscape, temperate
- Lis-1/thru: Main Idea, More Detail
- Lis-2/by part: Answer the questions
[Part 1] 1. What is horticulture? 2. What is the main aim of the Eden Project?
3. How many different species of plant there?
[Part 2] 4. What is the outdoor landscape like?
5. What is the Mediterranean region? What kinds of plants can you see there?
[Part 3] 6. How big is the humid tropic biome? 7. How did they get all those different plants?
- Eden Project Video/4:43 by British Council
=> Thinking-Speaking Does education about plants and conservation helps conserve plants and animals? 


Advancing 1-Apr.4th

1. Read and Write Unit 3 Courtesy: What does it mean to be polite?
Preview the Unit
Reading 1: Being Polite from Culture to Culture #1
- Preview  Do you know any Japanese manner that may not be polite in other cultures?
- Read-1 => Main Ideas, Details<= Underline the word(s) to be looked at in the text to find the answers.
- Skimming  the topic, ☆signal words and phrases:=>  Study how the travel magazine is structured
- Par.1 Topic: Travelers need to understand the cultural differences in politeness.
- Par.2~7 Examples of Cultural Differences in Politeness: shake hands, eye contact, personal space, 
giving gifts, time, body language
- Par.8 Conclusion: important to learn about cultural differences to be polite
- Reading Skill: Identifying Supporting Details-> Read Par.4=> Ex-A,  Par.5=> Ex-B,  Par.6=> Ex-C
=> What do you think? 
Blog Write five to eight sentences in response to one of the questions below.
In your culture, what is the polite or appropriate way to; 
- to greet someone  - to receive a gift  
- to say good by - to show respect to sb - to be polite to sb
Refer to Reading Skill=> Write your response as Main Idea. Explain with examples.
2. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-2  ID Fraud
- Study Words/Expressions: [P1-L2] prestigious  having a high reputation; honored, esteem, distinguished, prominent, respected: a ~ author/address <- prestige  [L12] consequently  as a result/consequence, effect, or outcome; therefore - consequent  - consequence  [L13] fraud [frɔd]; hoax. blackmail, deception, misrepresentation: mail ~, election ~, [P2L18] false identity  - false  not true or correct; erroneous: a ~ statement/document - falsify-falsification  [P2-L23] Dic vulnerable open to attack/temptation, exposed, weak: ~ to attack/illness/abuse/corruption, ~ position/person  - vulnerability  [P3-L31] scheme  course of action, plot, arrangement, plan, system  [L33] Dic anonymity  <-anonymous [ənɒnəməs] name is unknown/withheld) undisclosed, unidentified; ~ letter, author [L42] serve the same purpose [P4-L56] hologram [hɒləgræm,hoʊlə-]  a special type of picture in which the objects look 3D [L57] magnetic stripe [L58] fake (v) ~ a report (n) It’s a ~. (adj) a ~ ID  [L60] encode-decode [P5-L68] agent  a person who represents an org/group; officer, representative - agency organization, company, bureau  [L-69] raid (v) sudden surprise attack, assault: The police ~d the house  (n) a police/air ~  [L78] pass on (to sb) (to give wth to sb else) ~ the book on to me when you’ve finished with it. I’ll ~ your message on to sb. [P6-L86] stage to plan/organize/carry out an activity; arrange, orchestrate, organize: ~ a strike/show [L87] life/casualty insurance policy [P8-L113] stay/keep/get ahead of  ahead or on target with one's work schedule or responsibilities  [P8-L127] Dic valid  having some foundation; based on truth: ~ evidence  - legally acceptable, effective: a valid license/passport  - validity  -validation 
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. -> Read aloud
- B. modify-modification-modifiable; ~ the software, ~ ones diet,


Advancing X-Apr.1st

Assignment China receptionist job sees 10,000 applicants  
[1] Read the article and post your comment in four to five sentences.
=> If you were a Chinese graduate and unable to find a job, would you apply for the receptionist job?
-> Things to Know 
- The China Democratic League: 中国民主同盟
- China's ongoing anti-corruption drive,
- Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.
- “Iron rice bowl” refers to an occupation with guaranteed job security, steady income and benefits; job for life
- Pressure from parents/relatives
-> Vocabulary/Expressions 
- grassroots experience
- About 1.4 mil people took the civil service examination this year, and each job got an ave. of 49.5 applicants.
- high turnovers the norm in the private sector
[2] What would you do if unemployment of college graduates went over 25%, in other words, one out of four graduates were unable to find a job? Write your answer in four to six sentences.
-> Read others’ postings.
-> Read your answer and explain further, if any. 
=> Class Each student asks a question or makes a comment. Think of pros and cons.
CNN 10 Listen and Learn about the Latest Topics
March 22, 2017
Watch & Listen-> Listen with the Transcript-> Study Voca/Words
  - Electronic devices banned on flights from six designated countries.
  - American Health Care Act
  - North Korea’s Threats to Japan
     => What will you say if you’re asked about the drill by a foreigner?

Blog=> New Assignment-1  Plastic Island (Video-Infographic) 
See the video and infographic about the disastrous situations in the once-beautiful beautiful island.
Write your comment or thoughts in four to six sentences by Apr.7th.

New Assignment-2  Phase-out of lightweight plastic bags
Study the move to reduce or ban the use of plastic bags in the world. What do you think your country should do? 
Write your answer including specific and practical measures or actions to be taken by Apr.7th.