Advancing 1-Mar.31st

1. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game
- Read Par.3 aloud =>WS Task-2  Rewrite [L33-35] in plain English.=> Pair 
Anonymity is the most preferred method for a fraud to falsify an identity on the Internet and fake identity is the second best.
- Read Par.4 aloud
=>WS Task-3 Explain [65-67] They, thisの
- Read Par.8 aloud => Compare the TS (Governments and other issuers of IDs ~ hard to do.) and 
the CS (ID fraud industry ~ can find a way to beat …)
- Study Words/Expressions: [P1-L2] prestigious  having a high reputation; honored, esteem, distinguished, prominent, respected: a ~ author/address <- prestige  [L12] consequently  as a result/consequence, effect, or outcome; therefore - consequent  - consequence  [L13] fraud [frɔd]; hoax. blackmail, deception, misrepresentation: mail ~, election ~, [P2L18] false identity  - false  not true or correct; erroneous: a ~ statement/document - falsify-falsification  [P2-L23] Dic vulnerable open to attack/temptation, exposed, weak: ~ to attack/illness/abuse/corruption, ~ position/person  - vulnerability  [P3-L31] scheme  course of action, plot, arrangement, plan, system  [L33] Dic anonymity  <-anonymous [ənɒnəməs] name is unknown/withheld) undisclosed, unidentified; ~ letter, author [L42] serve the same purpose [P4-L56] hologram [hɒləgræm,hoʊlə-]  a special type of picture in which the objects look 3D [L57] magnetic stripe [L58] fake (v) ~ a report (n) It’s a ~. (adj) a ~ ID  [L60] encode-decode [P5-L68] agent  a person who represents an org/group; officer, representative - agency organization, company, bureau  [L-69] raid (v) sudden surprise attack, assault: The police ~d the house  (n) a police/air ~  [L78] pass on (to sb) (to give wth to sb else) ~ the book on to me when you’ve finished with it. I’ll ~ your message on to sb. [P6-L86] stage to plan/organize/carry out an activity; arrange, orchestrate, organize: ~ a strike/show [L87] life/casualty insurance policy [P8-L113] stay/keep/get ahead of  ahead or on target with one's work schedule or responsibilities  [P8-L127] Dic valid  having some foundation; based on truth: ~ evidence  - legally acceptable, effective: a valid license/passport  - validity  -validation 
2. Open Forum Chapter 2 Literature Web  Class Discussion about Romeo and Juliet
- Before Listening: Verona, Italy,  Romeo Montague   Juliet Capulet  Paris 
- Lis-1-> WS Find the answers. Take memo to explain what the play is about.
- Lis-2=> Explain what the play is about and the story line in 90 seconds.
=> Explain how Juliet develops her personality throughout the story
- Lis-3-> Blog Listen and Read the Script=> Describe what Romeo and Julie is in 90 seconds.


Advancing 1-Mar.28th

1. Read and Write Unit 2  Writing-1: Freewriting 
Blog Review the paragraph to explain a new business you create.
Example: If you’re designing a new restaurant, what colors would you use for the outdoor signs, interior (walls/floor/celling/furniture), tableware and employee uniform? Why?
☆ Try These: Compound Sentences (Conjunctions/p.37), Vocabulary (p.41), 
2. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-2  ID Fraud
- Preview to Predict Check the title, subtitles, photos and captions to predict what ID Fraud is about. 
=>Pair What kind troubles can you think of if your ID and password are stolen from your smartphone?
- Read-1 -> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the paragraph/Line #, Correct false statements.
- Reading Skill/p.44 Scanning-> Complete the Chart.
- Study Sentences  
- Read Par.1 => Pair Check the understanding; What did Wendy’s mom did? -> place, in the name of
- Read Par.2 aloud => Task-1 Explain or complete the sentences of the chunk (Par.1, 2). 
WS: Write in your own words as much as you can. => Pair Retell the incident w/o the writing.
-> What Wendy’s mom did and why. She sent an email under someone else’s name to the elementary school her daughter had been waitlisted, and asked to drop that person’s daughter’s application from the waiting list so that her daughter would get a higher chance to be enrolled in the prestigious school.
-> The school had neither predicted nor prepared for such Internet fraud against its system.
-> If the school had anticipated such a fraud on the Internet, it would have designed the system more protective to false identities.
-> If the system had required an identity check, such as face-to-face contact or ID card, the mother wouldn’t have committed the fraud.


Advancing 1-Mar.24th

1. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game
Blog Vocabulary & Writing Task Genetically Modified Food 
=> Write your Answer in four to five sentences. => Discuss
2. Open Forum Chapter 2 Literature #2: Informal Conversation about Books
- Listening-3 Blog w/Script
-> Voc: identify with (to feel that you can understand and share the feeling of sb else)
 sincere-insincere, be hooked
- Pronunciation: Content Words=> Pair Practice Reading the long passages of the transcript
- Speaking Practice: Prepare to describe a book/movie/story that you really enjoyed or remember well, or that you were moved by or identified with, or that opened up a new door to something new to you.
=> ☆Describe the story of a book, movie or story that you enjoyed and why like it in 90 seconds.


Advancing 1-Mar.21st

1. Read and Write Unit 2  Writing-1: Freewriting 
- Grammar: Conjunctions  and, or, but, so -> Ex-A, B
- Writing Skill: Free Writing A-> B
Write a color proposal for a business
- Plan to Write A. Brainstorm: Choose a business that could sell product or offer a service. 
B. Plan: Freewrite ideas: what business, name, colors, why the color, how your customers feel.
C. Fill out the form to show the outline
=> Blog Write a paragraph to explain a new business you create.
2. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game 
-> Study Words/Expressions: [P1] every fan was of interest to hard-to-see ~: easy-to-use, fun-to-play
[P2-L9] Dic anticipate (expect sth) ~ sth will …  (foresee and take action in advance) he ~ed the fall in value by selling early. ~ the raid and escaped before …  federal: ~ government, ~ law, ~ tax 
[L15]Dic enforce=> en-, em-b/m/p (to put into): endanger, enforce, enlarge, enact, enable, encourage, empower, embargo, emphasize   [P3-L25] surveillance (close observation/supervision over a person/group)~ camera, under ~,   [L26] stir [stɜr]: ~ his tea, (move, feel, affect) ~ a debate/dispute [P4-L43] Dic justify defend, rationalize, legitimize, explain: ~ the decision/action, ~ oneself, ~ -ing, -<justification, justifiable
[P5] biometrics (the analysis of biological data using mathematical and statistical methods) ~ fingerprinting, identification, recognition [L55]Dic undertake (to take responsibility and do) attempt, initiate, begin, engage in, tackle: ~ the task/job  [P6-L58] adjacent (for area/bldg/room-next to/near sth) ~ room/building, ~ to the river
utility poles (telegraph pole) ->utility (a service for public; electricity, water, gas)  [L66] Dic consequent (following as an effect/result) ~ on/upon sth ->consequence: following as an effect or result 
[P7-L67] Dic modify (to change the structure, character, intent) alter, change, revise  [L71] depict (represent by drawing, painting, describe) [P8-L78] feed into (to put into machine) power is fed into the electricity line  [P9-L80] advocate (v) [ædvəkeɪt] (n)[ædvəkɪt/keɪt]   (v) to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: He ~d higher salaries for teachers.  (n) a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. : an ~ of peace.
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. -> Read aloud
- B. modify-modification-modifiable; ~ the software, ~ ones diet,
change most general to make sth different: The rules are always being ~d.
alter change, sounds a little formal; The rules are being ~d. The school life ~ him.
make a difference in appearance; ~ the landscape, ~ a dress/appearance/look
modify formal, make sth more suitable for; Adults ~ their language to talk to children, ~ for racing


Advancing 1-Mar.14th

1. Read and Write Unit 2  Reading 2: The Importance of Color in Business
- Vocabulary: a variety of pl-noun
- Read-1=> Main Idea, Details A, B.: Describe each company, their colors and the meaning of the colors.
- What do you think? A-2.  Pair Imagine that you’re designing a new restaurant. What restaurant do you want to run? What colors you would use for the restaurant to encourage people to eat at your restaurant? Why?
- Vocabulary Skill: Suffix/p.34-> A, B, C 
=> Write as many adjectives as you can think of using these suffixes. -> Examples on Blog 
2. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game 
- Read aloud Par. 3, 5, 6, 8
- Study the Structure  Mark the topic and main idea of each paragraph, check the subtitles to grasp the structure.=> Pair 
- Read-2 =>Blog Write a Summary of the text in three sentences. Each sentence describes one of the three chunks.
-> Model Summary Blog 


Advancing X-Mar.11th

1. Read & Write-3  Unit 6 Reading #2 In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show
- Words/Expressions-> (par.3) pledge drive  pledge (n) ;promise, guarantee, assurance   
exposure public appearance, notice, attention, mention, or discussion in the media: gain ~ for your products on TV..
(par.7) content [kənˈtɛnt] (adj) mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are; satisfied, agreeable, happy
- ~ with sth (happy/satisfied with what you have): You should be ~ with third place/your job.
- ~ to do sth (=willing to do sth): I was ~ to wait. I’m ~ to be a teacher.
(v) to make oneself/sb content or satisfied; please, satisfy, gratify: ~ oneself with property 
[ˈkɒntɛnt] (pl) everything inside a container: the ~s of a box,  the subjects or topics covered in a book or document.
- Vocabulary Skill: Suffixes 
- What do you think-A. 1. What’s “necessary evil” 
2. Would you pay for a TV show or online video or music? Speak your answer in 60 seconds.
"YouTube Red," a $9.99-per-month subscription service for YouTube, which lets you watch videos ad-free among other premium features, and it will eventually fund the production of premium, members-only video content.
NHK: \14,910 p.a. Subscription Music Services: \980/mo Amazon Prime: \3,980 p.a.
- Blog Plan to Write your response. “Does advertising help or harm us” 
Review Reading 1, 2=> Decide which opinion do you write about. 
=> Write your response to the blog in five to eight sentences by Mar.15th.

3. MGL Printing Revolution Lesson-3
- How fast those changes occurred?
- Reading Revolution
- Technology ignites fuels

Prepare a two-minute speech for the Graduation Ceremony on Mar.25th

Speak to the class about anything you want them to hear on any topic.

Mar.25th. starts at 11:00am
- Final Lesson
- Graduation Speech
- Message, Ceremony, Photo Shooting
=> Lunch at BOTTEGANTE


Advancing 1-Mar.10th

1. Inside Reading Unit 3  Reading-1 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game
Before you Read 1. How would you feel if someone has taken your picture without asking you?
 ☆ Ind. Speaking Answer in 60 sec.
- Previewing and Predicting: Read the Titles, Headlines, Check the Photos and Captions.
- Check face recognition-> Dic recognize-recognition
Super Bowl Tablet wiki, official site, image Video-Tight security at the Super Bowl stadium
- Read-1 -> Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. Mark the topic of the paragraph.
-> Reading Comprehension: T/F, Mark the location and paragraph #, Correct false statements.
- Reading Skill Scanning Signal Words, Key Words=> Apply Underline the answer, signal/key words
2. Open Forum Chapter 2 Literature #2: Informal Conversation about Books
- Preparing to Listen: Read the brief descriptions and predict/remember what each book is about 
- Listening-1-> Main Ideas, Detail
- Listening-2 by Person=> Explain why each book is important to the person.
=> Thinking and Speaking => Pair
=> ☆ Explain When you choose a book to read, what influences you the most, the title, cover, description, someone’s recommendation, readers’ reviews or comments? Answer the question in 90 sec.


Advancing 1-Mar.7th

1. Read and Write Reading 1: How Colors Make Us Think and Feel #1 
- Blog Review What are some examples of colors with special meanings in your culture? 
Write 5-8 sentences in response. Clarify your response/opinion and explain with example(s).
- Reading Skill/p.29: Getting meaning from context-> Ex-A
=> Ex-B: Write definitions using present tense and relative pronouns following the words-. 
Refer to p.25 -> Check Eng-Eng Dic
- Read the text-> Read w/Q-Skill Par.1-3=> Shadowing: Par.4-6
2. Inside Reading Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-2 Product Placement 
- Study Sentences: [L54-P3] If the film is ~ that of the product. 
[L76-P6] Financing product placement ~ for three to four years. 
<= $175k/30sec->$3.5mil/10min x 300days/year= $3.5bil (Prod Placement in US)=> Prod Plc/3~4yrs.
[L131-P9] Conversations like this ~ great advertisers dream.
- Study Words/Expressions: [P1-L4] deed: act/action  [L14] contradict  to assert the contrary or opposite of, deny directly and categorically  [P2-L20] arise-arose-arisen; appear, occur, begin, rise, get up, wake   [L25] revenue  gov. income from tax, gross income from biz: tax ~s, in ~   [L26] likable: nice, attractive, appealing   [L29] subsidize  to aid or support with a subsidy, a financial aid supplied by a government to industry, financial aid; endowment, support, payment-> subsidization   [P3-L32] apparent  possible, clear, obvious, evident - apparently   [L33] subtle -subtler/more ~  not immediately obvious or comprehensible, difficult to detect or analyze; nice, quiet, delicate, clever, sophisticated: a ~ scent, ~ change/approach  [L40] feature  include a particular person/thing: the movie ~s …, hotels ~d in the brochure  [L41] registered as: recorded as  [P4-L54] equate  to regard, treat, or represent as equivalent- equal-equation  [L51] convert (v) to change/adapt the form, character, or function of; transform– convert (n) – conversion [P5-L57] consciousness-conscious (aware of one’s surroundings, thoughts or motivations, aware of/giving value or emphasis to a particular fact/thing; alert, aware, deliberate, intentional: I am ~ of your great kindness, a ~ effort/rudeness  [L58] longstanding: lasting, deep routed, continuing  [L58] distraction-distract  divert attention; disturb, trouble, confuse: The music ~ed him from his work. [P6-L73] showcase; display, exhibit, show, advertise   [P7-L97] presume-presumably; assume, expect, believe, count on  [P8-L112] viral (adj) relating to/caused by a virus, spread quickly and widely among internet users via SNS, e-mail  [L115] ridicule (v) to make fun of, mock, or deride; tease, laugh at, mock  (n) language or behavior to humiliate or mock – ridiculous  very silly or unreasonable 
- Reading Skill/p.28: Finding the Details (Finding the MI in Reading-1) 
=> Apply/p.28: mark the paragraph number ☆disregard less than 1/5 of the U.S. amount => Pair
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level 
- A. 1. fad (sth people are interested in for a short time)  3. draw on (use sth available)  5. branch off (extend, diversify) 
- B. convert -> Dic (v) ~ a hotel into a condo, ~ euros to dollars, ~ coal to gas, ~ a bed into a sofa, ~ from Christianity to Islam, ~ to a vegetarian, ~ me/him, 
Vocabulary Activities-Sentence Level
- contradict (to assert the contrary or opposite of; deny directly and categorically)  


Advancing X-Mar.4th

1. Read & Write-3  Unit 6 Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show
- Vocabulary: broadcast-broadcasting, Dic annual-annually-p.a.
- Listen-> Main Ideas=> Speak the main idea of the article in 3-4 sentences.
There are considerable benefits that advertising provides us with. 
It gives us helpful information for shopping, funds to produce and place TV shows, movies and performing arts, supports for sports events and athletes, financing model for free Internet services, announcement for public services, and opportunity for creative works and jobs. 
Therefore, we are actually enjoying the benefits of advertising as part of our lives.
- Read-> Details
=> Identify the MI of each paragraph, supporting points and examples for the benefits of advertising.
=> Speak a summary of the article including all the benefits and brief explanations/examples in 2 min.
There are six benefits of advertising. 1. Information; what, where to buy, how much to pay.  2. Supports art; financing, exposure for artists.  3. Sports; ad in the fields, equipment, salaries and commercials  4. Free services; Google, Facebook  5. PSA; information  6. Entertaining; clothing catalog, TV commercials
2. MGL Printing Revolution Lesson-2 
- Changes by Printing Revolution
- Far Reaching Effects
=> HW Prep Reading-3


Advancing 1-Mar.3rd

1. Inside Reading Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-2 Product Placement 
- Read Par.3 & 4 -> Compare the first and last sentences.
-> Par.3: Product placement -> In the viewer’s mind, the product registers as …
-> Par.4: Companies may turn -> If the film is good, viewers will equate …
- Read Par.6 aloud-> Practice reading and understanding the numbers.
- Read Par.9 aloud-> Understand what this article wants to say.
=> Review the structure=> Blog Write a summary of the text within 100 words.
=> Blog A/K
Par.2, 6=> Product placement is an effective and cost efficient tool to market products to consumers. 
Par.2=> It is also welcomed by the TV or movie companies because it finances their production.
Par.3, 7=> Products shown in movies or TV shows such as cars and smartphones are more naturally and positively remembered by the viewers than commercials if they are presented properly.
Par.8=> Product placement is expected to extend to new media such as games, videos and the Internet in more sophisticated way. 
Par.9=> Companies are even hoping their products are talked among the viewers and their peers along with the stories or shows those products were placed. (100 words)
2. Open Forum Chapter 2 Literature Radio Interview about Artists for Literacy
- Blog Listening-3 w/Script-> Voc: literacy, statistics, motivate, inspire, compile, donate, lyrics, plot
=> So it works the other way around too! What does this phrase mean?
- Vocabulary/p.11: Words related to Books
paperback-hardcover, plot, edition, sequel-prequel, fiction-nonfiction, publish-publisher-publication
☆ Pair Talk about a book you like. Describe the profile of the book using the Words Related to Books, and explain the main story and characters in 90 seconds.