Senior 3-Nov.10th

Kikutan Day 53 #2

- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions #2
[Selecting, Advertising]  L31 call for; demand, ask for, need, require: ~ a celebration/investigation, ~ ones resignation L32 different marketing techniques   L33 reliable; trustworthy, dependable, honest, respectable   L 36 marketing campaign: election ~ 
L37 suppose   to think that sth is likely to be true; think, assume, guess: I suppose it’s six months since … 
-> be supposed to: Her new book is supposed to be (= generally people think it is) very good
(conj); what if: S~ we miss the train what …
L37 innovative -> Corpus/p.39 -> renovate/renovation -> E.
L46 explicit clear and exact; specific, clear, definite, exact, obvious: ~ about, ~ directions <-> implicit  suggested but not communicated directly; absolute, definite, contained, unspoken  : ~ criticism/agreement 
L47 imply to communicate an idea or feeling without saying it directly: hint, mean, suggest: ~ criticism, ~ that
L52 publish -> Corpus/p.41 -> publication: the latest ~, the ~ date
L54 invoke the authority  to use/mention a person/law/example to support or reason for sth/doing; call upon, enforce: ~ the law to appeal/enforce  L56 emphasize - to show that something is very important; stress, underscore, give priority to : ~ the necessity/importance/urgency -> emphasis: put ~ on
-> Read aloud Par.7,8 => STT
[Others] L62  domestic sales  L63 export <-> import-> Corpus/p.40 -> G.   L.66 response <- respond   L.67 be placed/put on
- Reading Skill: Scanning-> Apply
- Vocabulary Activity A.-> B. => STT

Prep Task  BA-716 The nation that hates to be late


Advancing 2-Nov.8th

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2   

Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading-1  Child Prodigies
- Interest Blog Reference Reading (BBC)  Dos and don’ts to preserve your brain power
Don’t… lose faith in your abilities: It’ll/You’ll/You could/When …
=> Speak to explain one of Dos or Don’ts in 60 sec.

Open Forum-2 Chapter 5 
- Blog Lis-3 with Transcript-> Study words/expressions
breed-bred, mate, capture-in captivity, wingspan-> span, beak,
Apprenticeship<-apprentice: a young person who works for an employer for a period of time to learn particular skills
- Pronunciation: Verb Ending
- Speaking Skills: Asking for Further Information
- Speaking Practice: Group Discussion based on the proposals by the group members.
Read and Write Unit 6  Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show #3
- Review HW Blog the summary of the article from a new magazine in 80 words/4-5 sentences
Reading #2  In Defense of Advertising/Canadian radio show #1
- Vocabulary: broadcast-broadcasting, Dic annual-annually-p.a.
- Listen-> Main Ideas-> Organize what the article is saying
=> Speak the main idea of the article in 3-4 sentences.
- Read-> Details
=> Identify the MI of each paragraph, supporting points and examples for the benefits of advertising.

=>HW Blog Write a summary of the article including all the benefits and brief explanations/examples in 7-8 sentences by Nov. 12th.


Senior 3-Nov.7th

Kikutan Day 53 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2  Lis-> Speak the Task -> Repeat by sentence=> Shadowing

Inside Reading-1 Unit 3  Reading 1 They know what you want #3
- Blog Review the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences.
- Read aloud by Section to learn words/expressions #1
[Intro, Influence]   L3 shelves-shelf: shelf life   L3 stocked with  L3 as many/much/large/long as  L4 bran: is the hard outer layers of cereal grain: ~ flakes/bread, wheat/oat/rice ~   L4 oat (adj)<- oats   L6 discount coupon   L7 on sale  L8 ultimate choice  most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best or worst; final/last, best/worst, absolute: ~ responsibility, decision, goal  L9 determined by some factor other than taste  L10 persuade  to cause people to do or believe something, esp. by explaining why they should; convince : ~ sb (to do), ~ that  L12 have little/nothing to do with
[Defining, Selling]  L16 administer   L17 marketing director  L18 package  L19 convince customers to buy: ~ sb/oneself, of sth, sb to/that: ~ them of the problem. ~ myself that I was right. -> Corpus/p.40-> F.
L19 in short,   L19 channel a shopper’s choices toward -> Corpus/p.38 ; direct, guide-> C. 
L20 specific product  relating to one thing and not others; particular, clear, exact -> specifically, specification   
L21 begins with a survey (n) to look at or examine all of something: The ~ shows/found/revealed  (v): ~ the work/area
L23 a certain type of   L26 aim at    L27 specific sector  L28 most/least likely to
-> Read aloud Par.5,6 => STT

Read & Write Unit Writing
- Review Blog the para. to describe your community/society such as school, local community or country.
Write two or three points that are important or unique and use numbers to support them.
Unit 10  Reading 1  Flu FAQ
- Listen to Q-Classroom => [A] What are some things you do to avoid getting sick? => Pair
- [C, D] Match the names of illness: communicable/infectious disease
              diabetes [daɪəbitɪs]                         malaria [məlɛəriə]                           asthma [æzmə]                  tuberculosis [tʊbɜrkyəloʊsɪs]
Reading 1: Flu FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- Vocabulary: epidemic, symptom, infect-infection-infectious (=communicable), virus

- Read-> Main Ideas, Details [A] Venn Diagram


Senior 3-Nov.3rd

Kikutan Day 52 #2

- Read aloud Par.2, 3 => STT to understand what this textbook wants to teach.
- Read by section-> Identify MI (topic sen) of the paragraph(s) and the key words of the TS.
              -> Refer to the Subheading to understand how the article is organized.
              -> Group the paragraphs by the main ideas: Intro, Definition, Marketing Plan: begins with ~ finally
              => Blog Write the Main Ideas of the article in three sentences.
Intro (Par.1-2) : Shoppers’s choices are not always determined by the product itself but also influenced by other factors, such as discount and ad.
Definition (Par.3): Marketing is a plan to sell certain product, including the naming, advertisement, pricing, packaging and messages.
Marketing Plan (Par.4-Last) : Marketing plan identifies and sets target customers, comes up with the name and message of the product, and decides how and where to sell the product. 
=> Pair Which would you like to get a pet robot like that or a pet animal like dogs or cats? Why?

Prep Task  過去問 青学政経-2018 , ,


Advancing 2-Nov.1st

Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2  

Inside Reading-3 Unit 8  Reading-1  Child Prodigies
- Review Blog the summary of this book review four to six sentences or in 100 words.
- Chunk-1 (par.1-4) Intro w/Examples: 1. Chess 2. music composer  3. piano  4. CP’s mystery, Pros-Cons
 - Chunk-2 (par.5-8) Experts: 4-5. What child prodigies are, what they do               7. Nature  8. Nurture
 - Chunk-3 (par.9-12) Parents: 9-10. Supportive/unsupportive parents  10-13. too supportive parents

 - Chunk-4 (par.13) Conclusion: Challenges of child prodigies
- Reading Skill: Recognizing Comparison and Contrast
contrast [verb kənˈtræst; noun ˈkɒntræst]
-> A. meanwhile/in the meantime-> B. Learn how the words that indicate comparison/contract are used.
Vocabulary Activities-Word Level
- A. Cross out the word/phrase with a different meaning
- Corpus Dic resource  - capability, ingenuity, and initiative; quick-wittedness: a man of resource 
-(pl) a source of economic wealth of a country (mineral, land, labor) or business (capital, equipment, personnel): natural ~s, financial ~s
=> Pair-1 What natural resources are there in (country/region)? 
=> Pair-2 What do you think are key resources for Japan to grow in the 21st century?
- Corpus Dic reveal  - to make known; disclose, show, uncover, expose: ~ a secret (to sb), The report ~s that…,
=> Speak Do you think all diplomatic processes should be revealed during the negotiation?
=> HW Study words and expressions

Open Forum-2 Chapter 5  Life Science A biologist talks about condor
- Preparing to Listen-1: Photos of Condors-> 2: wingspan
- Lis-1-> Main Ideas=> Explain the main points of this talk is in three to five sentences.
- Lis-2=> Explain four main things they learned, found or were surprised with examples.
- Working Out Unknown Vocabulary=> offspring, puppet, harassing, scavenger
puppet [ˈpʌp ɪt] -an artificial figure representing a human being or an animal, manipulated by the hand, rods, wires as on a miniature stage. - a person, group, government whose actions are controlled by another or others.
- Interest El Condor Pasa-Seans (4:20) or  El Condor Pasa-Lylics (4:17)

Read and Write Unit 6  Reading #1  Happiness is in your shoes you wear  #2
- Read w/Q-Skill
- Words & Expressions (par.1) when was the last time you …?,   unpredictable  (par.2) be meant to be
(par.2) Explain: Ads have always promised us … not so much the means to an end, as the end itself.
(par.3) tearful reunion  (par.5) tune out    (par.5) we are less critical than we might otherwise be  (adv) in a different way/respects: You know it but why pretend ~?  I wanted to see him but he was ~ engaged. an ~ hopeless situation
(par.6) taken individually,              loyal to brand-> brand loyalty  the tendency of some consumers to continue buying the same brand of goods rather than competing brands.   (par.7) No matter how we are doomed to disappointment, (v) to make sb/sth certain to fail, suffer die; The marriage was ~ed from the strat. The plan was ~ed to failure. (n) fate or destiny, especially adverse fate; unavoidable ill fortune: to meet your ~, a sense of impeding ~ (felt strongly)
- Reading Skill: Distinguishing Facts from Opinions-> Ex.A/p.119 -> Ex.B/p.120
=> What do you think 1.  Speak your answer to one of the questions in five to eight sentences.
=>HW Blog Write a summary of the article from a new magazine in 80 words/4-5 sentences
  by Nov. 5th


Senior 3-Oct.31st

Kikutan Day 52 #1 
Eiken Lis-2Q 2018-2  
Inside Reading-1 Unit 3  Reading 1 They know what you want #1
- Blog marketing  business activities that involves finding out what customers want, using that information to design products and services, and selling them effectively: a ~ campaign/plan/strategy/company/agency/department
-> Marketing 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion => Chart/p.35
- Before Reading 2. Has an advertisement ever persuaded you to buy a product/service?
              persuade sb to do [pərˈsweɪd] to make someone do or believe sth by giving them a good reason to do it or by talking to that person and making them believe it; convince, urge: The salesman tried to persuade me to buy the insurance.
- Preview: The title, subheadings; influencing, defining, slogan, photos, illustrations
- Reading Comprehension: Underline/Mark the key words to look for.
-> Read  T/F, Mark the line #, Correct false statements.=> Pair Check the Answers

Read & Write Unit Writing
- Review (Oct.17) Blog your answer to the question with example(s) in four to six sentences.
Some people have a natural ability in math or dealing with numbers, while others struggle with it. Do you consider yourself to be good at math or numbers or not? Why?
Neither A nor B.  Good writing: Minori’s
- Grammar: The Present Perfect
-> A. have/has studied/lived for permanent/long time, have been –ing for emphasis on the present –ing.
-> B. Pair Ask two questions using the present perfect.
=> Answer the questions in the present perfect and explain in the past and present tense.
- Writing Skill: Using numbers to support ideas.
-> A. Identify MI, study the population growth. -> B.
- Describe your community/society such as school, local community or country w/numbers in 4-6 sen.
              <- Check the Internet to find info.
- Blog Write a paragraph to describe your community/society such as school, local community or country.
Write two or three points that are important or unique and use numbers to support them.

Interest Blog Passport Ranking  

=> Speak what the most powerful passport means in 3 sen. with examples.


Senior 2-Oct.27th

Eiken Lis-Pre 2nd 2018-2  
Speak to Learn Unit 31  Unit 1
-G&C-1.1 => Pair What language is spoken in ~? => I think ~ is … / I don’t know what … Please let me know what
- G&C-1.3-> made of/from/with
=> Pair What is ~ made from/of/with? => I think ~ is … / I don’t know what … Please let me know what …
[A modern miracle drug]   L48 taxol  L51 unnatural cell growth of cancer  L52 taxol was being used in intensive treatment for …
[Rainforests]   L54 testing them for possible medical use  L55 access to=> Corpus/p.31=> D.  L56 rapidly disappearing <-rapid  L57 logging companies <-log  L58 commercial developers  L59 the priorities of ~ conflict with …
- Read aloud [Searching the Rainforests] => STT
[Will cure be lost]   L63 rainforests are being destroyed
[The search is on]   L73 promising anti-cancer drugs  -showing signs of future success or achievement; hopeful, encouraging: a ~ career   L75 accompanied by=> A/p.30    L75 cooperatively-> cooperate; aid, assist, collaborate, help -> Thank you for your cooperation. => Corpus/p.32  
L80 chemically identical Dic exactly the same, or very similar: The test is identical to the one you took last year. I've got three identical blue suits. The two rooms were virtually identical.
- Vocabulary Activity B/p.30 Review the words learned in Reading 1 and 2. => STT 
Read & Write Unit 2  Reading 2    #3
- Review Blog  What are some examples of colors with special meanings in your culture?
5-8 sentences in response. Make sure to clarify your response (opinion) and explain with example(s).
- Read w/Q-Skill=> Read Par.1, 6 => STT

Interest Blog Henley Index: Japan’s passport most powerful